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Where to advertise arena drag?

I live in a horsey area of NJ, and thought I would be able to sell my used drag easily by putting ads in all the local horse facebook pages. Nope. Not happening. I’m thinking of eBay, but its not exactly something I can drop in the mail…
Do you know of a good farm supply website? Or am I missing somewhere obvious to advertise this? It’s impossible to find good used drags when I’m looking, but this one is going nowhere. Not even a lower offer.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried CL? I bought my manure spreader off CL and looked for a year for a used arena drag. Like you I didn’t see anything besides really basic ones made from chain link fence. So I splurged and bought a new drag. Less than six months later there was a used one for sale very similar to mine for less than half the price. AUGHHHHH! I would have bought it if I hadn’t just gotten one.

Also you could post pictures and your phone number in local feed stores.


You can require local pickup on ebay.


I bought one off ebay years ago at a really good price and paid shipping because the price was right.

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Local tack stores.

Tractor and farm equipment dealers.

And let your local arena builders know you have one for sale. A place with a new arena going in is likely also in the market for an arena groomer.

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LCDR, letting arena builders know is a great idea! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!

That really surprises me; I agree you can’t find one if you wanted one.
(What are you selling?)

I’m in NY so probably not worth it but my drag has seen better days.