Where to Buy a Cart?

Hi All - Potentially dumb question, but I’m new to miniatures so please forgive me.

I finally went to an AMHR show this weekend to check out the scene and try to figure out what type of cart that I need. It seems like I’ll want to show my guy in some of the pleasure classes, and the typical carts in those classes are the two wheeled, basket foot style pleasure carts.

HOWEVER , having never done this before – I can’t afford the $5-6K I see listed for a brand new cart. I’ve tried looking on FB groups for carts but I really don’t know what I’m searching for - “mini pleasure cart” comes up with a bunch of irrelevant results.

Where in the world can someone like me purchase an affordable, used cart to get my feet wet showing? I’m willing to lay out $1-2K for a cart and more if I get serious with it, but I can’t drop $5K from the jump and surely there has to be a market for used carts somewhere. Right? :joy:

Facebook has several groups selling miniature tack including carts & carriages.
I don’t know where you are seeing $5K for a simple road cart < that sounds like what you described from the Pleasure classes you watched.
My Amish-made show cart cost under $1500.
Granted, that was 4yrs ago, before pandemic pricing on materials.
If you are near Indiana, I can refer you to the guy who made my cart.
The cart:

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Contact Herrons tack, he gets some really nice used breed show carts for minis and ponies.

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ditto. Where are you? I also live near Amishland. Carts are easy to find here and they have a spring/fall carriage auction - all things driving. Huge weekend affairs. I often see a long stock trailer with faraway plates on it LOADED -inside and out - 4-5 sleighs lined up tied on top!

I bought a late 1800’s Canadian pony runabout for $1150. Completely refurbished and velvet reupholstered wicker seat.

Brand new easy entry mini carts here are $975 .

They were actually at the show this weekend with several brand new carts - one had a $6K price tag on it. :rofl:

I’ll have to email them to see if they have any used inventory.

Near Dallas, Texas – western saddles, we have it covered. Miniature horse carts, not so much.

Call them, they are great to deal with and love to help new people. And if they can’t I can reach out to some of my pony people.

A jerald show cart will set you back around 2500.00-3k used. New is $$. But it is the hot commodity in the show ring and they hold their value very well.

A graber cart you can get new for around 2200.00. These are nice carts and would work fine for the show ring. I’ve seen them around 1k to 1.5k used.

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Look on Facebook. The group Carriage Driving Classifieds is a good place to start and allows in search of ads.

I’m also in the Dallas area. First card found on EBay, had to travel to get it. Second one was local from
a Facebook group and third one was local from Craigslist. (Farm and garden section). Mini carts and harness show up often on Facebook and Craigslist, more so than horse size, or so it seems to me. They are out there, takes regular monitoring of the sites.

also in Dallas area, got a nice wooden Meadowbrook cart from a horse rescue where it was donated but of no use so the rescue sold it… another rescue had show quality new harnesses donated again they had no use so sold my daughter two sets… one for show, second of lessor quality for working and pitched in a third set … then asked her if she wanted buy some blankets as the rescue had what was termed a mountain of blankets

I am in Arkansas and had much the same problem finding a cart for a 10.2 pony. I lucked out, I think, by finding a knowlegeable cart dealer for a traditional easy entry cart. Many options. Reasonable price. She works with an amish family to build her carts. Check out this site: http://www.ccfdriving.com/

My driving days are over, but I had an amish 4-wheel vehicle made in Pennsylvania back in the day. They did a great job, it was exactly what I wanted. Your two wheel is really nice!!

:grin: Thanks.
The only thing I don’t like about it is my fault.
I sat in the “blank” (unfancified model), but not long enough :roll_eyes:
In a show I need to sneak out a leg or two in the lineup to stretch.