Where to buy chin strap cover

Does anyone sell replacement chin strap buckle covers? I feel like I’ve purchased one in the past but now I can’t seem to find anything that isn’t clearly meant for football or motorcycle helmets.

Like these?

Googling “chin strap cover horse” seemed to return a fair number of results.

No, they mean the little soft velcro bit that covers a helmet chin strap, not for a noseband.

A couple of years ago I had a TraumaVoid and needed a replacement chinstrap cover. I emailed them and they sent me a handful for free- maybe reach out to your manufacturer?

Maybe this?

oh HA! :joy:

What can I say? It’s Monday and I guess my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet this morning. :crazy_face:


That’s exactly what I’m looking for, but the shipping it $40?! :astonished:

What about this?

Amazon had several options when I searched for helmet chin strap pad.

So I have got to ask… now you have to buy an accessory to get a wider, more comfy chinstrap?

Helmet shopping as a returning rider, I was wondering what happened to the chinstraps. Back in the day, I never liked a thin strap under my chin. I got rid of a godawful early ASTM-approved helmet largely for that reason. So I’m shopping for a helmet 2-3 years ago for my comeback (lol) and wondering if there was a safety /design reason every legal helmet I looked at was this way. Are the straps that are a bit wider or have a little more substance to them unsafe in some way?

I know someone’s going to say, “I hate wider ones; they choke me” or something so, yeah, maybe I’m weird but I so adored my (I know, wildly unsafe) apparel-only Circuit with the clear, detachable harness – and its chin strap – way back when. That @$!&er was comfortable.

ETA my original thought.

Interesting @HipNo34. I am pretty darn old. I remember the days of the tiny elastic strap on my apparel only head covering. I remember adding the slide over harness onto that head covering, etc… I do not remember chin straps being extra wide compared to what they are now.

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You don’t remember these? The chin strap snapped, it had some width to it, and a little insert in the part that passed under your chin that was a bit oval in shape.

Much better look here:

I also had the brain bucket with the elastic and remember the ones with the little plastic cup that fit under your chin. My first approved helmet had a tan harness and this wider, snap chin strap. The second approved helmet, that I got rid of, the chin strap was literally just a strap that passed through D-rings. Then I got the one with the clear, detachable harness (also came in “deerskin” as I remember in the Dover catalog). I still have that bad boy somewhere…

I can not really see what you are talking about there (but since I am not on pinterest so I get a pop-up that I can not make go away).

Are you talking about the leather chin cup thing?
I guess I forgot about it because I hated it.

Hold on, lol, I think I know where mine is and will take a picture.

If you know of anyone who fell off recently, you could probably take one from their helmet that needs to be replaced. Or glean one from an old helmet.

I take it back; it came from Maryland Saddlery. I can’t find the hat but here it is in a post. The angle’s crap for what I’m trying to explain but I think you can see that there’s a little more width to the part that passes under your chin: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAMXnHohjNM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Maybe? When you say ‘cup,’ I think of the literal hard plastic cup that some of them had on the elastic. I never minded these, comparatively. But as I said, I’m weird though I can imagine how the edge might dig in.

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Were these some of the old options you were thinking of?

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Thank you for digging up the photos!

Oh, I hated those plastic chin cups! People actually liked those?

I do now remember the leather chin cup. Was not a fan of those either.

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