Where to find a beginner western horse?

Non-horsey hubby has been bitten by the horse bug.

I ride H/J and hes taken up an interest (and lessons!) western. Where should we look for a suitable mount for him? We would need something saintly to teach him how to lope and rock solid on trails. He is currently w/t in an arena.

I was thinking a tourist trail riding farm might have something for sale? Are their farms that turn out these beginner types?

I would be reaching out the trainer that is working him first and foremost. S/he could have other clients with horses that fit his needs that need or want to sell. Also, trainers have connections! Use them! :slight_smile:
I would avoid sale barns, auctions and facilities that rent/trail ride horses unless you can take his trainer with you to check the horse out.

I can’t find what part of the country you are located.

That information may help, as that knowledge would be best served by a fairly local poster.

Thank you. He’s at a more-or- less public trail outfit for lessons. I like the trainer for his beginner lessons. I would not use her to sell us a sound horse. I have reached out to a trainer that only works with client owned horses and she is on the hunt for hubby. He will move to this trainer when we find something suitable. For now the trail outfit is great for having him try many types of horses. He has learned that you buy the horse and not the colour the hard way (which is good!)

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We are in Ontario, Canada

Thanks, plenty of Canadian posters here, bet someone can help you.

Those nice, quiet horses are wonderful.
Good luck finding one just right for your DH.

I actually know one for sale in MN if you are interested, I can DM you the owners name. Super cute, but she wants to sell now and I can’t buy until mid-Feb. Happy to share info. If she could hold him, I wouldn’t be sharing her info. :wink:

** I have no vested interest in the sale of the horse. Just happens to be one of my facebook friends through the horse community. Happy to delete if breaking any rules.

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Don’t know how far you want to go for one, but Tyler Flake and Jesse Flake have a nice horse business at Stoney Creek Quarter Horses --they are dealers mostly, but do training and instruction too. Best of all they are honest. I bought my horse from them 4 years ago --he was everything they said and more. They gave me 7 days to “do what you want with him.” If he didn’t suit me, I could bring him back, they’d return my money, no questions asked. I hunted him, (he had a cutting/sorting background, but heck, I needed a fox hunter) had a PPE done, and rode him every day --then bought him. Great horse. I see they have exactly what you are looking for on their Facebook page —but you can message Jesse --too --if MI is too far for you, they go all over buying/selling horses --may have connections in Canada. My super horse came from upstate NY. Oh, everything Tyler told me about my horse’s past checked out --using the Coggins test and WWW (and some sharp-eyed people on this BB who could make out things I couldn’t on the hand-written test) --I tracked down and contacted all my horse’s previous owners (7) as he came from the breeder to a ranch to a career in cutting/sorting/roping, mounted shooting, packing (carried 1/2 Elk out of Wyo Wind River) and rodeo pick-up horse. When I looked at my horse first, I thought, yeah, sure --but he really did all that stuff and is still a nice nice horse. Link: https://www.facebook.com/StoneyCreekQH/