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Where to find more info on horse

I’d like to find more information on this horse that I found on Equineline, Nimbusic 1989. It is a long shot but a slight possibility is there that maybe this could be my old horse. I could not find this horse on pedigreequery or Equibase. Does that mean the horse was unregistered? My guy wasn’t tattooed so I always assumed he wasn’t registered. If the horse was unregistered am I safe to assume there is no way to find a description of his markings?

This horse was registered… he’s on Equineline. But not tattooed because he did not race. He may or may not have ever gone into race training, but if he did, he didn’t get far enough or close enough to a race that the tattoo crew got around to getting him tattooed.
Registration happens as a foal. Tattooing happens before they race as 2 year olds. Lots can happen between those two events that may well result in a registered horse not being tattooed.

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Equineline is the Jockey Club’s information database.

Equibase tracks racing information.

Pedigree Query is a user maintained database.


That the horse is listed in Equineline means he’s registered with the Jockey Club.

That he isn’t shown in Equibase means he didn’t race.

That he’s not on Pedigree Query means no one has ever added him. You can, if you want.

Your best bet on getting info is to contact the breeder. What has led you to this particular horse if yours wasn’t tattooed?


Thank you for the information! I had bought him from a dealer in 97. At the time his name was Nimbus and we were told he was a 7 year old thoroughbred. He was black/ dark bay. So it is a long shot. I’ve just always wondered about his breeding.

Bred by Charles Cella in Kentucky
Sired by Halo,out of Colder, by Nearctic.
Sixth dam is Mumtaz Mahal

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It appears the breeder has unfortunately passed. Is there anyway to look up their jockey club registration without the tattoo number?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer…kind of.

You can brute force the tattoo lookup. It’s a LONG HAUL without markings. You start with what you do know–1989 tattoos will start with “S” and then work through the number and markings combinations until you get a hit.

It would be far easier to find a relative of the breeder, probably.