Where to find paper shavings in Colorado?

Help! I am a huge fan of paper shavings, and they have become next to impossible for me to find - seems my only option is to purchase a semiload, and unfortunately, I just don’t have an extra $10K laying around, nor space to store 1300 bags!

I have been searching and contacting recycling centers to no avail - where is it that all the shredded paper in Colorado actually ends up?

If you have any sources where I can purchase shredded paper shavings, please, get in touch!

Hum - I have never purchased shredded paper before - but have you tried contacting commercial paper shredding companies? I know I see them all the time here in the financial district - shredding office paper…

Used to live in Elizabeth (south of Denver) and bought paper shavings all the time, from local feed store probably. They were very popular…the barn I had boarded at used them and said the barn help preferred them to pine shavings.
When we moved to Texas in 2001, they were impossible to find and have never seen them down here. Good luck!


My neighbor sells those and I think you can get them anywhere…

PS I was told and don’t know how true it is that they were made from shredded
phone books. Since phone books are an endangered species, perhaps there are
less available. Tried running paper through our shredder but it didn’t work at all.
Printer paper is not exactly made to absorb.

The plant that makes them was sold, and they temporarily stopped production late last year. But I believe the new owner has it back up and running; I know Murdoch’s in Parker carries them, and I believe that Frank’s in Elizabeth does, too.

I think you can get paper in bags from Murdoch’s

Are there any newspapers printing in Ft. Collins still?

When I had my first cat declawed years ago (before I knew any better) I got some shredded newspaper from the local newspaper plant. Call the main phone number and ask which department might handle your inquiry…

Good luck!


When we moved to Texas in 2001, they were impossible to find and have never seen them down here. Good luck![/QUOTE]

here because of recycling most or at least a lot of the recycled paper ends up at Wal-Mart as toilet paper which is made in Arlington… we used to store the back-up machinery for the company that has the contract with WallyWorld


Oh good. I used paper shavings to take to shows to put one in the stall until I could get shavings bought on site.