Where to look for offspring of certain sires?

Hello! I’m trying to look for more recent offspring (2-6y/o) by Diamant de Semilly since I’ve loved all the horses I’ve met with him as their sire. Is there a website that can show his offspring? I’ve done a couple google searches and I’ve found old adds from 6 years ago of 2 year olds but I’m trying to find more current information about them.

I have always mentioned that any stallion’s page should include a collection of the offspring with a conformation 3 month old foal photo and a current competition photo and resume of the offspring. (maybe even better if there is a photo of the mare included!)

I did some light breeding. Keeping the foals long enough to see their maturity was the giant educator for me.


There is a progeny list available on the reports tab. You should be able to Google those names if they have competition results. Click on the year heading on the report to arrange chronologically

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Have you tried directly contacting these folks? Breeders often help those with their stallion’s kids sell them.

As he is rather senior (1991), and I do not think his frozen widely distributed/available in the USA, you might look for progeny from any of his sons/grandsons that are born in the USA/Canada? Finding a direct offspring might be a challenge-just guessing.

I just bought one from ET Auction.!
There are quite a few in Belgium and France

They are offering some for sale in Belgium and France and possibly Holland as well… ET auction has had a few of them… they are in Belgium. I just snapped one up…He happens to be related to another horse I had by Elf III. And he just happens to look exactly like him.

Diamant has over 5000 offspring from the late 90s to today. He is still available frozen to breeders and is #2 in the WBFSH show jumping rankings for 2021. His foals have been born all over the world and it would be very difficult to keep a page up like that. He is also well enough known that breeders looking to use him are going to be very familiar with his offspring in sport too.

To the OP: There are websites like ehorses and sporthorses.nl if you’re willing to import, although a quick peek didn’t pull up any direct offspring in that age range for me at the moment. I also didn’t look carefully. You could also go to horsetelex or hippomundo and look up his offspring in your desired age range and sometimes those horses have breeder and owner information listed there or you can start googling their names and might find some of them show up for sale either directly or in auctions.

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