Where to move?

Outside Salem. My truck said 37° at 7:30, and the lows are 36-40 for the next week but thankfully not very much rain forecasted. I rode with long underwear under my breeches this morning and 3-4 layers on top. :joy:

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Maybe you’ve seen my threads and comments on others. I think Asheville NC would be the ideal place for me. I believe it rarely gets over 80 and not much below freezing. Humidity seems decent (this is from perusing weather.com, not in person.) But since I found an enticing job to apply for, I think Salem/Roanoke VA is a close second. For eventing, 3.5 hours will get you to some MD events, River Glen in TN, some NC events, and it’s about 3 hours to the N. VA events. Less than an hour to Lexington VA and the Virginia Horse Center with 2 recognized events yearly and many other horse shows.

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All y’all PNW ers need to move to Pensacola with me. I’ll show you how to navigate and mitigate the hurricanes and we can all enjoy sunshine and mud free living together!

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I’m in. Don’t think I could convince DH though :rofl:

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Can we tempt him with fishing and golf? Hot rods? Beachfront motorcycle rides? Extra AC lol

Asheville most definitely gets above 80. Summers are hot, usually in the upper 80’s and 90’s. However, it’s less humid than off the mountain, there’s less bugs, and it gets a better spring and fall than the surrounding areas.

If you really want to live in NC but not have hot summers, the Blowing Rock area is where to go. It’s always like a lovely 75, 80 degrees there. I remember driving up there in august when I lived in southern pines and refusing to leave :joy:


School taxes are way high, but car registration is dirt cheap at about $36. We moved away as we hated the humidity and damp, cloudy winters. Also, we missed culture in the southern part of PA and there were not a lot of boarding barns or trainers

My hubs is from Portland Or and we lived in Tampa FL for 6 yrs… guess which location gets more rain annually? Florida, …by a long shot. And yes, we keep records because my DH is a weather geek and has pages of spreadsheets with rain recordings. :rofl: :laughing:

Sure, but what would you rather have, a beautiful sunny day with a brief torrential downpour in an afternoon thunderstorm followed by a return of sunshine, or a cloudy overcast day where it drizzles all day long?

The all day drizzles don’t put a lot of rain in the rain gage, but it still makes for a crappy day if you hate the overcast & drizzles.


Nah. Florida holds absolutely no appeal for me. A friend recently moved to Virginia, that’s where she was from originally, and is loving life. I’d go there.

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It’s not so bad down here. Lots of pasture, bugs are manageable, and AC is your best friend.


I was going to mention the governor but didn’t want to make this political.

Oh shoot! I can delete that… Forgot this was OC…

Exactly. Where I live now gets more rain yearly than Seattle. But, what really counts is the amount of days with precipitation per year. Because it’s not uncommon around here that Monday is rainy and gross and downpours, but Tuesday to Sunday are beautiful and sunny. And I’ll take that over a misty rain hour after hour, day after day, for 9 months.


Right! And it’s not that difficult to get in area that’s gonna dry out super quick after it does rain like crazy!

Totally get it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though.

And here we are in October and I’m still in shorts, tank tops and flip flops!

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I lived up near Tryon for a while. It was fun to experience something different.

I really adore Pensacola though :heart_eyes:

The latter. Having lived in Alabama, washouts and erosion in paddocks/pastures suck and can be hell on footing in arenas too.


Maybe I was thinking “rarely above 90” because that’s what July and August were like this year. Blowing Rock doesn’t look like it would have great job opportunities, does it?

:rofl: I’m still in shorts and tank tops in IL.

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