Where to place trailer fans

I’ve going to have some 12v fans installed in my horse trailer. I have a 2 horse straight load. I am thinking about where to place them. I own one horse and 90% of the time I only haul my horse but occasionally I haul a barn mate.

I was planning to install them in the front corners on either side. But now I’m wondering if I should install both on the left side - one at the front and one at the side like right behind the escape door (so would blow more on the shoulder/back and not at his face). Or I could install them on the side one on each side. Or I could order more fans and have 2 installed on each side (4 total).

If you have fans can you share a pic of where you installed them? Where do you think they would be best?

I’d put them on the front corners. Squirrely horses find the ceiling fast in trailers, and I wouldn’t want to risk a fan being there to greet them.


Front corners. Decent fans will move plenty of air from that position and they’ll be out of beak and head range.


Oh good point! The video I saw with them down the side was a slant load and they were placed behind the horse so less likely to be in a spot where trouble could happen but very different in a straight load.

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In our straight load trailer, they are up in the front corners. We did not install them, as they came from the factory like that. We have a straight load with 3 stalls in the back and 2 fans. One on each of the corners but it does work for the 3 stalls.

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Thanks for confirming! Are they in the corner/angled, or more straight on? I was assuming corner. If you have a pic, that’d be great. I wasn’t having the best time finding a variety of pics on google images of them installed, with the pic having a wide enough angle to see.

This one seems like a good way to do it:


They are angled and look just like the one you posted!

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