Where to shop for breeches in Dublin and London?

I’ll be in Dublin and London next month and thought it will be an opportunity to pick up a couple pairs of decent men’s breeches. Not looking for custom tailored or the very expensive sorts; just good quality utility riding breeches. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good selection of riding attire for men, even online, in the US. I hope the shopping’s better over there and some here have suggestions.

There really aren’t many tack shops in central London - head out of town and you’ll find lots. Here are a few in London to try: https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/tack-shops-in-london-478877

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Most equestrian stores are out of London. Somewhere like Robinsons in Basingstoke is a reasonable journey and they have choice of men’s riding kit

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I brought home three pairs of breeches from Horse Mad Store outside Dublin. The owner is lovely too. Added bonus!

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Harrods sells a fairly limited range of riding kit, Lillywhites in Piccadilly has a little bit, Decathlon in Canary Wharf (a couple of minutes walk from the Jubillee tube line) is cheap and cheerful. Oliver Brown in Lower Sloan Street does top notch hunting breeches that are probably about the same price as Harrods after their mark up on well known brands. Check out Oliver Brown’s website as they generally have good sales. I have a couple of their shirts that must be 20 years old and are still nice to wear. However, you will find more riding stuff out of London.

Does the UK have a VAT? May visitors apply for it to be refunded?

Not too far from Dublin is Holmstead Saddlery. They may have a good selection. I got my Tredstep half chaps there and never saw so much to choose from.

Thanks; I put it on the list. And its on the way to Kilkenny; our 2nd stop.

Yes, both the UK and Ireland have VAT and you must get the appropriate paperwork at time of purchase to make your claim to recover it.

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If you’re travelling to Kilkenny anyway, stop at Berney Bros Saddlery in Kilcullen. Beautiful saddles (that they make) and all the gear. Charming small town. Their website lists 10 varieties of men’s breeches.

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I live near Holmestead Saddlery and it’s wonderful! Last time I was there, there were also loads of clearance breeches at great prices.

I’d also visit TRI Equestrian at The Curragh, as it’s also lovely. It’s just maybe an hour from Kilkenny.

Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

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