Where would you live?

If you wanted to have your horses and have lots to do with your dogs? Dog sports, showing, great walking or hiking or outdoor activities for your dogs?

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I feel like we’ve had this thread before.

But - I live in NY: only 90 minutes from the Big E in Springfield MA, which is one of the largest venues for dog shows and dog sports in the Northeast and the country. There are also horse shows there but I don’t really which; I know the Maclay Medal Finals are held there.

So, I would say - unless you absolutely hate winter and winter sports, I’d say within 60-90 minutes of the Big E. You’re within 2 hours of Boston and NYC; 2-ish hours to Cape Cod/Atlantic coastline (depending on which side of Springfield); close to the Adirondacks, Berkshires and White Mountains.

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Seems you need to narrow your search first based on climate you want. 4 seasons? Snow?
Warmer weather for outdoor activities year round? Start there and then what do want to be close to? Family? Work or business opportunities/
Is political climate important to you? Socioeconomic population? Religious affiliations?
Why do you want to leave the area you’re now in? That will also help define a new area.
Do you want a popular area where lots of others are moving to? Or prefer more isolated less popular areas.
Remember many areas are changing and will continue to change in the coming years.

Horses and land are relatively affordable down here. It really depends on the dog sports you would like to do. Our local dog parks are amazing with ponds to play in. The local baseball team has a bring your dog to the ballpark day and the (indoor) ice skating rink has a dog play day on the ice. Lots of friendly dog parks, state parks, trails, restaurants, agility course opportunities, dog breed shows, hunting with dogs, etc… You can even take your dog to play on the beach. However, if you’re into sheep herding or mushing, you’re out of luck down here in Florida, lol.

Like the other posters said, what sort of things do you want to do with your dogs? What climate are you looking for? Are your dogs short haired or long haired? That makes a difference in the activities you want to do. Dogs with heavy coats will have times when they would be uncomfortable hiking outside down here. Short coated dogs, or even our spaniel with her longer hair, tolerates most Florida days well, even if our walks are done early in the day to avoid the heat. Our GSD does not. There are several days that a long walk would be exhausting for him in the humidity of July through September.

A long time ago, my boss raised and showed Papillons (in the show ring, obedience, and did a lot of rescue). When he was looking at retirement places he wanted to have the maximum access to shows, obedience trials, and still have affordable property. They wanted to have enough room to have a dog run for the dogs to run around a little, a couple of fenced acres so they could pay chase the tennis ball, and just be dogs. Also, he wanted something totally fenced, and have a big enclosed room for agility and obedience practice, and for exercising the dogs on rainy days.

He figured out that for the cheap land, access to shows, and smaller town life, but still close to colleges, and bigger cites, The Land Between the Lakes area of Kentucky was his choice. It’s close to interstates, close to Nashville, and land was pretty affordable. He said the west side, near Benton was very nice. Also, Murray State in Murray would have a lot of activities too.

The actual lake area has marinas, and all kinds of outdoor sports.

I have border collies but do not herd with them. They are short hair as well. I’m not opposed to 4 seasons but have never been in the northeast. I’m not sure the humidity of Florida is for me. I’ve got plenty of time before I make a move, but I love the idea of checking places out in the meantime. I hadn’t considered NY before… PA has just come on my radar… and NC was on my radar as well or SC, but not sure if they are too hot. I just know the Carolina’s better. I’m currently in VA and its expensive.

I’ve been toying with this for awhile but have not been able to pull the trigger yet. Although I’m in a major decluttering/organization phase so by the end of this winter if I decide to make a move, I think I’d be ready. I’m not entirely sure I want to go though as I do enjoy my area and have friends here, but there seems to be much better areas that offer a better quality of life than Northern VA.

Florida is not always humid, figure 6 mo., and the other months are glorious. There’s reasons why so many people come south for the winter. Dec/ has been 75-80 every day. No major humidity.
The attraction for horse and dog people or outdoorsy people in general is that you can be active all year long. You just schedule your more vigorous things earlier or later during the hotter times.

Are you retired or do you need to find a job? That makes a big difference.

I’m self employed, but would find a little job doing something if I moved. Or get set up in the new state with the certifications.