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which style/model Hit Air Vest do you like?

I worked for a vendor at rolex this past weekend, and one of my perks is a significant discount on any one purchase. I decided to go with a Hit Air vest after demoing it deploying. I am in nursing school, graduating in may, and I have decided that it will be a graduation present to myself. My question is which style should I go with? The LV, which has a piece that drops down over your tailbone, or the Advantage, which offers more protection over your hips/pelvis? I’m not as concerned with the price difference, because with the discount I should be ok. My question is more over what people have/are happy with, and what are people’s thoughts on the difference in protection.


I went for the LV. I like the Advantage and it wasn’t a this one vs that one thing. I just went with the other as I like my tailbone!

Hmm, I didn’t really get a chance to review the differences, which now I’m thinking I should have as I may be purchasing one in the near future. Were there any other main differences?