White gloves in hack/Hunter classes?

So I got some super nice classy gloves for 60% off, but of course they were white.
I’m wondering where white gloves are even appropriate to wear - aside from the dressage ring … which I never ever intend to voluntarily step into lol!

I have a flat class show on Sunday and don’t have any other gloves to wear. Wondering how much of a “nono” white gloves would be ?
I mean this is a local level schooling show. Could show up wearing anything and be accepted but I like to show at least some class and respect.
Will be wearing tan breeches , black show jacket , rocking a wool half pad no square pad. Going for a respectful clean hunter look.
What’s worse ? White gloves or no gloves ?

Show rules are the overarching voice here, but assuming they are fine by show attire standards…I might have to say no gloves would be more fitting than the white here. Because white will just want to draw the eyes to your hand (and away from the horse) and any little bounce or deviation or movement of your hands will be very obvious. Just my thoughts though.

Have fun at the show!


I’d go no gloves over white gloves, personally.

Even if the rules of the show allow it, it’ll immediately make you stand out as an outsider, and I wouldn’t want to go out of my way to risk eliciting even a subconscious bias in the judge.


White gloves are only ok if you are wearing white breeches. Which I’ve only seen a handful of times in the derby classes. On top of that, I had a trainer growing up who told me you only wear white on parts that you want to stand out. So if your hands are rock steady, then yeah, wear white gloves. But if you mess up, it’s going to be like a highlighted beacon for the judge to look at.

Maybe switch to jumpers. We don’t care what you wear :rofl:


Well I tried the outfit on and looked in the mirror …. That answered the question VERY quickly haha!!!

I will keep my super comfy , white , swarovski studded SSGs as schooling gloves since they are crazy comfortable and I got them for next to nothing (which was my original plan Until I forgot them in a drawer).

Black gloves on shopping list ! I used to have some but I think I wore them until they literally disintegrated off my hands .


If you’d added that tidbit to your original post, you’d have gotten waaay different replies! :laughing:
Crystal-studded gloves in the Hunter ring?
{clutches pearls}
Seriously: you’d have drawn the judge’s eye directly to your hands. And not in a Good Way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well to be fully honest there’s 2 pairs, one with crystals one without. Because when on sale … double up ! Lol.

I would never take them into a proper Hunter ring anyways. This is just a local schooling show on the flat , you could come in a clown costume and still be accepted haha . I’m taking a green little mare who’s never ever been to a show. Just there for exposure :slight_smile:

Still wondering though why white gloves appear in every tack store when it seems like no one wears them ? Can’t say I’ve ever seen them in jumpers either.

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Well, dressage riders wear them all the time. As mentioned above, I would only consider them maybe if you were otherwise in formal show attire.

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Be careful, the dressage riders might come over here and start smacking you for calling them a ‘no one’ :rofl:


Do you golf? Maybe you could repurpose them for that, where white and a bit of bling wouldn’t be frowned on! :grinning:


I imagine you could dye them fairly easily.

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Well… to wrap up this post I must share the rather funny ending.

Went to the show .
This is my mares first time ever being shown so we entered the western classes too, simply for arena time. And the western classes run before the English (Western-lunch-English). Now I really don’t ride or school western …. I have a western saddle and can “fake” my way around the ring at best. Literally just doing it for exposure.
Rode all the western classes …. Only 5-6 entries in each but somehow managed to pull off a 3rd, three 2nds and a 1st… against actual western people haha.
Then trail class came which is a trail class/handy horse combo - so can be ridden in either western or English but is the same course and judged as one. FINALLY changed into my rather lovely English attire and rode the trail class - in my dark navy blue schooling gloves which didn’t stand out too much surprisingly (the multiple holes are on the palm side so can’t be seen easily lol).
Managed to WIN the class! Based solely on our performance at the gate I assume - I’m 185lbs - way too fat to dismount at gates so my horses literally learn to work gates before they even learn to canter hahaha . It’s not training - it’s convenience based. My little mare is like an auto gate machine , you open it she does the rest in perfect form.

Anyways … now it’s time for English classes . I’m busy stressing about my gloves .
Not one rider except me.
It was ALL western riders that came out.

Thanked the judge but declined riding alone.
Went home .
Chuckled about my glove stress over a beer …. After all that worry …. Didn’t even need them !


:rofl:Congrats on your show success!


Love this story!

Just proves a good horse is a good horse no matter what saddle you are in!

Well of course you do, a bargain is a bargain!

Funny for you, I was gifted a beautiful pair of Roeckl gloves Christmas 2019, I LOVE them, and they are a sensible black color. I wear the, to town, I drive my car wearing them, walk the dogs, but as yet have not actually ridden in them. My last pair of schooling gloves are getting worn out though, so might have to actually take them into the barn…

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