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White horse who loves mud

I have a white jumper mare and when she gets turned out in the mud or she is wet when she gets turned out she LOVES to lay down or roll in mud or dirt. I need a shampoo that can make her really white for shows. If it could turn her very yellow tail white as well or there is another product that can transform that mess then I might actually cry. Please help. Thank you!!

I have a white grey mare who loves to roll. It is really work to make her a brilliant white, but here are some basic tips:

  1. Keep up with grooming and don’t let every day grass and dirt stains become permanent (things like Showsheen Stain Remover and Whitener are useful here). Alas, there are days that I bathe before riding due to wet mud on the mare.

  2. Use sheets to your advantage (both in turnout and in the stall).

  3. For serious shampooing, Orvus is very useful. I’m also impressed with the Vetrolin White n Brite. For less aggressive shampoo, I use the Warhorse equine shampoo. To get my mare seriously white, I have to do 1 & 2 and plan on about 3 shampoos within 24 hours. You can use things like Oxiclean on a yellow tail, but I find Orvus works quite well. Again, don’t let the tail get too bad–keep up with it.

Remember to take photos when your mare is white and beautiful so that you can be inspired to do the work all over again!