White saddle pads - stain resistant

I am honestly not a huge fan of white dressage pads, but I need to replace some of mine to use for more formal occasions.
Which ones are most resistant to stains? I like the colors better because they clean up so much better.

I don’t know that they are stain resistant exactly, but I have two of the LeMiuex carbon mesh pads, and I soak them with Oxyclean and wash after use, and they are staying quite nice-looking. Of course I only use them for shows and clinics, so the horse is clean when they’re used.

Has anyone ever experimented with spraying Scotchgard or similar on the top side of white pads?

I have bought the cheapest Smartpak dressage pads when they’re on sale or I have a coupon code for a discount. I bought cording at JoAnn Fabrics to match my show coat and stitched it on the border by hand. I did spray with Scotchgard and only use it at shows. Depending on how many shows/season I enter, the pad will look good for at least 2 seasons. If I wash it and it doesn’t look “show ready”, I’ll throw it away or use for schooling. My last 2 “custom” pads cost about $19 each. My daily pads are more expensive, more robust and colored to hold up to daily abuse :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve used Scotchguard with great success. I’ve heard that it can make whites yellow over time. My protocol is to spray clean pads as I’m packing them for each show, then wash immediately and store after the show. Boot stains, etc come right out and pads still look new.


Ogilvy pads are also stain resistant.

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I do the Scotchgard before using a new show pad and then when I wash after a show, I use some Shout spray on the stains. Honestly, black under the saddle, girth, and boot area doesn’t bother me at all since it’s hidden when I’m in the saddle.

I also do the same process for my white breeches before using and when washing.