Who do you Pivo?

I’m getting desperate to find a regular trainer for dressage lessons, I have a Pivo and I’m totally fine with virtual lessons. We have some excellent local trainers but I have a mon to Fri job and most lesson slots are in the middle of my work day and weekend slots are booked.

I’m looking for a nice dressage trainer who doesn’t mind a out of shape ammy riding a couple ponies and can do Pivo lessons on weeknights or even weekends. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to meet trainers who would normally be too far away.

Who do you ride with that does Pivo lessons? I know the technology isn’t for everyone.

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My coach moved from my area to the DC area for her husband’s military job, and I continue to lesson with her weekly through PIVO. I tend to ride with her early mornings or weekends.
She rides with Val Pride in MD - I can send you her info via PM!

How do you do virtual Pivo lessons? What kind of headset do you need to be able to hear and communicate with your coach? I’m using Pivo Play right now for myself but I’m assuming you need a different app for this?

I use Pivo cast and a set of bone conduction headphones with good range. You need a set of headphones with 5.0 or greater because they allow the best range. I can leave my newer smart phone in the middle of my 100 X 200 foot ring and they stay connected. I like the bone conduction because they sit in front of your ear and wrap around your neck so you never lose them and they let you hear outside noises.

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I can tell you that my regular trainer does it on her laptop and she can see well enough to talk about how I hold my fingers on my reins… so you can’t hide just because its virtual.


Dumb question but is your coach able to hear you communicating back to her?

Yep! I can have a full conversation with her while I ride

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