Who DOES This 😣

Saw this last night.
Who, in their right mind, would consider this a safe repair for a cracked/broken shaft?

Same cart, different part:

well ? NO ! but adding I bet this :cowboy_hat_face: repairman can not boil an egg either

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I suppose if you are out and something breaks and you are desperate this repair would work to get you home …


No one with any sense would hitch to this vehicle.
and certainly would not be out driving alone ( without a helper)
and would unhitch and long-line drive home if such break down occurred

  • helper to drag vehicle home
    People are NUTS !

Well, if it was the 19th century and you Had to get there…that repair might hold for the purpose, since the crack looks like a long diagonal split.
But today? No. Just No. That cart looks like it needs a fair bit of work all round!

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Which reminds me…if you think that is bad, I had somebody earnestly try to tell me that an evener and set of singletrees was just fine for heavy work, all ready to go! I replied that they were ready to go in the firepit. Which was unkind of me. But, my word, well over a century old based on the hardware, riddled with post hole beetles, and so soft I could get a knife deep into the wood. And you want me to use that! H— No!

Where’s the duct tape??? No way would I drive that cart. Hospital bills are $.

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Duct tape appears on the (tattered) vinyl seat. :laughing:
To my mind, the only safe repair.

But, otherwise thanks for the confirmation that I am not just The Overboard Safety Nazi.

And for those who asked, cart is in use for “training”, at least a couple days a week.
You should see the antique runabout cart owner uses for show ( show being County Fair) - so old the wheel washers are leather. Dryrotting leather… Not maintained any better than the cart.
Maybe this will be the year a wheel comes off?

I’ve seen that “wheel come off” in several settings - it slows things down quickly and can be drastically dangerous to all - horse - driver - spectators !

Safety should always be the main concern in driving activities as with all equine activities- IMHO


Agree 1000%!
But this is truly a case of Can’t Fix Stupid.
Best I can do is avoid being in the same arena with Stupid.

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No points for creativity in repairs. Guess that is quality paint, which held it together for so long!

Wonder where the next “surprise break” will happen, crossbar holding shafts together?

You might want to have a safety inspection before carriages can enter, by the Fair folks. I bet the harness is not in any better shape. Our clubs have done that at some activities, eliminated some participants. One person had wood wheels missing spokes, parts of the felloes holding the iron tires on!! Others had shafts cracked this badly, heading out to do a parade! Horses did not appear to be real solid driving horses either.

Kind of like shoeing horses. How hard can it be?? Especially if all those old folks are Driving?? I must be rubbing safety thinking off on you 2Dogs! Ha ha


The idea of that sort of damaged vehicle being out in public really crosses a line. I mean, if you want to be an idiot at home, in a fenced field, I guess that is between you, your family, and your health insurance. Though I don’t approve of dragging a horse into your idiocy. But, I can’t stand people who endanger other people, other horses, and the general public.
I’m definitely guilty of trusting my horses too much. But, equipment has to be safe. And there isn’t an excuse for it not to be. Not these days.


You & my Club friend who freely admits she is not about Show-ready, but ALL about Safety.

@B_and_B TG, the cart is only used “at home” < meaning the indoor arena where Stoopid boards.
Sadly, Fair does no inspection of harness or vehicles.

Yeah, that doesn’t qualify as ‘at home’ in my mind! Stoopid indeed.

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Ho, Boy :persevere:
That’s not the half of it.
Stupid boards with a friend - part of a tight little sorority of varying degrees of DGI.
BO only recently started driving (a mini) & allows Stupid to spew her “expertise”.
*BO’s mini “doesn’t like” breeching,
Stupid drives w/o, so now BO does too. On trails.
*Driving whip can be used on the horse’s butt to request a change of speed. Another boarder who also drives a mini does this (to no effect) on Stupid’s advice.
When I corrected this notion, explaining #1-lash should reach horse’s shoulder & #2-whip’s intended use is to replace leg, Stupid chimed in that buttsmacking is fine.
I admit in an emergency, a whip applied elsewhere is useful, but for general (& showring)use? N-O.

I feel like you have several posts about major stupid in your local driving cohort. Is this one person popping up over and over or is it many different people?

I wonder if driving is particularly prone to this. After about the age of 18, idiot behavior among underskilled riders declines quickly :slight_smile: and as one gets along in life, those underskilled folk are less likely to ride at all, more likely to drift into Parelli or liberty work or lead and feed, where their questionable training choices don’t have such dangerous consequences. Especially when they do all this with a mini.

But then there’s driving, which isn’t possible in many places. I can totally see how if it was possible, it would attract folks who are scared to ride, have physical limitations, and/or poor horsemanship skills or judgement.

The nice bumbling older lady who will get in no real trouble taking her mini for grass walks and teaching it to stand on a stump can easily get killed in a driving accident even with a mini.

All I can say is if the level of horsemanship in a given group is giving you chills and nightmares, stay away. I’ve always felt the biggest danger around horses is other people with bad horsemanship.

I’d also be encouraging the state fair to do a tack check for harness class which is normal in other disciplines and could save them a lawsuit.

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This is just a single individual, whose repeated idiocy keeps resurfacing.
As a self-proclaimed Expert, she just keeps setting my teeth on edge.

FWIW, she is not a Club member.
Members may not be ADS Stars, but by & large they practice Safety & have given me some valuable tips.
Her? Not so much :smirk:

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This reminded me of an incident I experienced many years ago. I was driving commercial carriages for a company that did not care well for their equipment, or horses. One night after a downtown shift (heavily populated downtown, metro area had 6+ million people, to give you an idea of the kind of downtown I’m talking about), when I was unhitched the horse, the shaft literally broke off the carriage. Looked like it was due to a poorly welded repair. I remember being completely in shock. I didn’t work for that company long, and quit shortly after that incident. It’s a miracle the shaft made it through the shift and there wasn’t an accident. I remember taking a picture, I wonder if I can dig it up…

Edited to add: Found it!

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Yikes! @firecracker :dizzy_face:
TG that did not happen while you were driving in traffic.
Pls tell me it was not Noble Horse in Chgo.
Owner took great care of both his horses & fleet of antique carriages.

Right?! I felt sick when it broke. We were always around so many people, small kids, traffic… I will forever be thankful the weld held until we unhitched.

Nope, this was not Noble Horse!

This was my first and only commercial carriage job, so I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I was there long enough to learn and see how poorly things were being maintained. Lots of corners cut to save money, at the expense of safety and/or the horses’ well-being. I could say all sorts of things that would make your hair stand on end, but will refrain on a public forum.

Thank goodness there are many wonderful carriage companies out there that take excellent care of their horses, and maintain their equipment well!