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Who remembers the ADS Pleasure Driving Recognition Program?

I read something from ADS Board Minutes earlier this year about a recognition award program for pleasure driving –

ADS no longer has a recognition or award program for Pleasure Driving. There used to be one, but it has lapsed. Reinstituting pleasure recognition awards might motivate development of additional pleasure shows.

They would welcome ideas for ways to recognize ADS pleasure competitors.

I have some ideas myself based off of how I see other organizations do year end awards and as someone who does only pleasure driving shows, this sounds fantastic when I see programs geared towards CDEs, dressage, hours to drive, and now volunteering over time.

Does anyone here remember this program? I didn’t start showing in ADS until late 2017, so I know nothing about this and can’t find anything searching online. I’d love to utilize some info from the previous program if anyone has any to share.

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I’m not sure where you are located, but do you know the good folks from Driving Essentials? Jack and Jan Alverz, they might be a good resource for you. https://www.drivingessentials.com/about.php I used to be involved with driving, so knew them ages ago. Really good folks! Good luck to you.