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Who Was This Mare?

Breeders Cup time brings up memories of a mare that I fell madly in love with years ago. But I can’t remember her name! She was of that same era of Goldikova (but not her), and she won one of the mare races several years running (two, if I remember, lost the third). She was a European mare, a bright chestnut with maybe some chrome–and she had the most beautiful trot ever. This was in the days when the TV networks showed the post parade and the warm up.

Does anyone have the faintest idea who this might be? I don’t think she was very tall, but she was really a beautiful mare. And it’s driving me crazy that I haven’t the faintest idea of her name.

Thank you in advance.

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Zagora? Won the filly and mare turf in 2012. Pretty much the only chestnut European mare I can come up with. :woman_shrugging:

No. It’s confusing, because I sort of remember Goldie something. But then there was also Goldikova running at the same time. The announcers always made a big fuss about her, so she was famous. Don’t remember if she ran on the turf or whether it was during the synthetics time.

Pebbles? She raced in the 1980’s though so that was before Goldikova.

There was also Ouija Board but she was a bay.

These are the results from the years Goldikova ran.
The only other in I saw winning 2x is Conduit, who is a chestnut but a Colt.




Ginger Punch won the Distaff in 2007, finished 6th in 2008.

Here is a list of horses that have won 2 or more Breeders Cup races

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Groupie Doll, ch m, won the Filly & Mare Sprint in 2012 and 2013.
But she’s American.

The only other chestnut mare I can find who won a race more than once is Monomoy Girl.
There are three others but they’re all bays.
Source: Wikipedia.

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It may have been Azeri, who fits the general time frame of late 1990s to early 2000s. Will keep looking. Keep comments coming, though.

What about Megahertz? Small chestnut with a big attitude and a little bit of white. Came from the back like a freight train.

Azeri won the BC Distaff in 2002 and was named Eclipse Horse of the Year and Eclipse Champion Female. In 2003 she was named Eclipse Champion Older Female. In 2004 she was entered in the BC Distaff but switched to go against the boys in the Classic finishing a respectable 5th. In 2004 she was Eclipse Champion Older Female for the 3rd consecutive year.

OP, thinking this is your redheaded mega champion race mare.

Sightseek was one of my favorite redheaded mares; she ran from 2001-2004 and racked up 7 Grade 1 wins in her last 2 seasons. Bobby Frankel trained for Juddmonte.

She was the favorite in the 2003 Distaff but finished 4th.

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I think she’s the one too, although I thought I remembered more white–probably hind wraps. Anyway, she had the best trot in the post parade, swinging back. coming through behind. And the Paulson colors sort of match what I remember. Anyway, she was a wonderful mare.

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As of 2021, she still was a wonderful mare and hopefully still is in her new career as a turn out companion and mentor to new weanlings teaching them how to behave in a group.

Blood Horse has an interesting and entertaining video showing several pensioned broodies acting as “lead horses”, Azeri appears towards the end with a good bit of screen time. Including eating hay in the center of a circle of weanlings watching her not daring to get too close until shes finished.
Its got english subtitles. Its in a 2021 BH article about her retirement from the baby business.

Guess it best translates as “ lead horses” but maybe “ Aunties” fits that job better and describes their job better in English.