Why are people selling their Devoucoux Harmonies?

I’ve been wanting to get one, based on my trainer’s Mendia, and I wanted the composite tree found in the Harmonie. It seems like everyone is selling theirs though. I even had one lady that talked me out of buying hers and said to get a Custom instead, which was also confirmed by a couple of other people I spoke to.

I have a TB and I’d like a nice saddle. I’m having a saddle fitter out soon, but I know everyone has their bias based on what they have on hand.

Does anyone have recommendations for a higher end saddle that works well in TBs? Custom, Equipe?

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I love my Custom and it still looks great after 20 years. I got a cut back pommel to make room for my OTTBs withers.

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I returned my Harmonie after about three rides. I did not like the position of the fixed billets (the one on the back of the flap was too far back for my horse), HATED the bottom-buckle stirrups, and I could not keep my lower leg still at all. I think it put me in a chair seat, too. (It’s been awhile) And all this was after the fitter came out when it arrived, because it did not fit my horse and was unrideable when it came. (Even though it was brand new and made for my horse.) Most expensive saddle mistake ever. (Felt totally different in the demo model.)

Thank goodness I kept my Custom.


Owner if 3 Custom’s here, one per horse. I bought them primarily because their local saddle fitter is a wonderful person and takes the time and effort to ensure that everything is as perfect as possible for the horse.

In my opinion go with the person, not the brand of saddle.


But I love the sparkles on the Dev! :laughing:

Thanks for your input everyone. The fitter told me (just from pictures) that he has a short saddle support area and a Custom may be too long for him. Everyone LOVES them though, maybe we can find one that works.

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I like my Harmonie A LOT. The tree is suitable for a fair range of horses and I find it very easy to sit in the sweet spot. My impression is that it is designed for sitting rather than posting (I hate posting anyway, lol). The horses I’ve used it on seem to like it as well. But as with all things horsey, YMMV.

The 2018 had some issues related to the new materials and design (maybe in the rush to market the line the testing was insufficient, I don’t know). Mine was one of those and the company replaced the tree last year.

Rumoured to cause back pain, like a lot of dev saddles.

All of my TBs go in Amerigo for dressage. They have trees of different shapes to match the horses topline shape. If you look at their catalog it outlines each and makes fitting a bit easier.

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They worked for me and my customers until the horse changed… then devoucoux wanted us to buy all new saddles vs just refitting the panels. Hard pass.

If it fits you and your horse they are quite lovely.

It’s a great saddle to use as a pro fit to toss on in a pinch and it fits fairly benign. I couldn’t justify keeping mine for those rare instances so I did end up selling mine.

PS. the horse I bought mine for, yeah it actually never worked for him(he ended up in a Stubben euphoria)… it did fit another of my horses so I did keep it and it was Devine to sit in…. And was overall very annoyed with devoucoux customer service.


I wonder if the Devoucoux Mendia is any better. My previous trainer had one and it seemed to fit him nicely. I had an “independent” saddle fitter come last week, and she thought the best saddle for me and my horse is the Erreplus Connect which she had on her truck.

He has a short/medium saddle support area, is slightly downhill, and probably needs a medium-narrow tree. I was told by someone else that there is basically no need for narrow trees. So many opinions! (and here I am asking for more…)

I currently have a Voltaire Adelaide and it is SO comfortable. It doesn’t fit him, however, or hold me in. We tried an Equipe today and it didn’t work with his conformation.

Looking for a saddle started out as fun, and now I’m completely consumed and frustrated. The Amerigos look promising though.

I’d like a used saddle so there aren’t any surprises, and so I don’t have to break one in. Can anyone help recommend a saddle? My budget is around $4k used.

So every brand sizes their wide medium and narrow wither gullets differently. There is no standard. And yes there are horses that need each of these. So I don’t know where you are getting the information that there is “no need” for narrow trees. Perchance is it a saddle rep for a brand that makes all their trees medium, and then uses a press to widen or narrow the wither gullets?

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My short backed OTTB goes in an older Schleese Wave with custom short panels. We have a couple short-backed horses who wear a Prestige and two others that have a custom Patrick. There are other brands who make shorter panels but keep the balance correct. Part of the short-backed puzzle is keeping the correct balance because if the panels are shorter but the weight is still distributed to the back of the saddle, you aren’t doing much better. That said, all the horses at my barn that still wear a Custom are long like trains.

Ha! The eternal lament. The more we learn about horse and rider biomechanics, the more exacting saddle fit has become. Saddle hunting is a PITA. I’ve had many, many horses over the years and I’ve had to get a new saddle for every single one of them. I feel your pain.

I like Devoucoux, but haven’t ridden in their saddles for years now, so cannot comment on them. I’d say look into Amerigo, they looked interesting to me but didn’t have a demo to send out in a timely manner. Antares Cadence might be another option for you to try.

The resale market for an Erreplus is pretty nonexistent (had a friend wo bought one, it didn’t work and she lost ALOT) so make sure you both love it! You mentioned your horse has a short back and Black Country saddles have an upswept back gusset which helps with the shorter backed horses. I have the Vinici monoflap dressage and have been very pleased with it.

Only some Black Countries have an upswept panel. My Equinox is gussetted. That said, it works great for my short backed horse (16.3 hh and wears a 75 blanket to give you an idea).