Why can I Not sign off?

Never checked the “Remember Me” box…but I am always signed in. Where is the Log Out selection?

also something that is fairly annoying is the popup box that came in while I was trying enter this question attempting to guide me to a “similar post”. Well the AI reader of my typing needs better reading as the key words it is keyed upon were not helpful.

There’s a pinned FAQ in this forum that you might find helpful.

OK…I found the Log Off…it was worse than looking for lost Treasure or my wife;s car keys

It is a Many Step Process, not a imple straight forward Log Off button or selection… click on your name, find that the preferences or what ever that is then on the bottom right side is a very small statement of Log Off All… not pronounced not a little box just a statement.

But… Why does this System Remember me when I NEVER checked the Remember Box? I know how its by IP address, but why is it continually tracking me?

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The “easy” way is described in the FAQ I linked above. Click your avatar. Click your name. Click log out.

Because you’re logged in at the main site. It’s single sign on. It’s not “tracking” you, the forum is just better integrated with the main Chronicle site.

If you want to log out completely, hit up the main site and do it from there.


found the Log Out Completely and use it

Welcome to the “duh!” moment club.
We have and still are all participants in that one.
I bet most will survive and thrive. :hugs: