Why Do Banned Posters Not Have "Banned" Beside Their Names Anymore?

@Moderator_1 It used to be easy to see who was banned. Now there is no way to tell if you are responding to someone who has been banned.

This has happened recently. Someone had responded to a banned poster, and other posters had to let them know that they were asking questions of a person that could not respond because they had been banned. Why has the “banned” by the name function stopped working? :thinking:

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This software displayed that information differently. It appears in their “name card” when you click on that username. We can do something like manually update a user’s subtitle to “banned” going forward to make that more clear.


If a user makes their profile private, and is then banned, I don’t think you can see that information on their user card. :thinking:

Can part of the banning procedure be to make the profile public again?


I have a spin-off question since it came up and I haven’t seen an appropriate place to ask this – is the private profile function here to stay or is that something on the docket to be revised?

Good point and you are correct.
When I clicked on the information in a thread of someone that I know is suspended, their user card does not mention that they are suspended. Screen shot below.
I have to click on that user card and go to their profile to see that they are suspended.

I’ve never seen this suggested before, but I’d also LOVE to see that ability revised/removed.

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Yes. I’d love to see it revised or removed as well. Being able to view a poster’s history is important on a public forum.


I am glad for the private profile option. I made mine private after some weird guy began to stalk my movements on the forums in real time and send me weird PMs.

If you type a user’s name into the search box you can see their posts, you just can’t track them in real time. You can type my screen name into the search box and see. :slightly_smiling_face:


I second the need for the private profile for users. There are people who lurk here to creep on posters but do not participate on the forums themselves.


Oh, that is gross. I’m sorry to hear that is the case with you and Skydy.

What if it is content locked behind being a verified member of the forum? Seems like a lot of coding work though.

What I run into with users that have hidden profiles is that they are hiding a pattern of consistently contentious behavior, having contributions on forum that have the sole intent to antagonize versus participate. Regular users can’t isolate that as a pattern so the behavior persists much longer than it should. (Clearly this isn’t the case with you and Skydy, though!)

Do you remember how to make your profile private? I just checked mine because i thought I did now I see its back open LOL

I would be fine it was open to users of a certain level.

The guy was posting on the forum. I can’t remember if he was banned or just went away. It was quite a few years ago.

Go to your Account. Choose Preferences. Choose Interface.

Thank you, looks like it was private actually. Do you or anyone else mind looking at mine and seeing if it is?

Yes. It says profile hidden.

Thank you kindly :heart:

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

We manually adjusted the user subtitles for the most recent users who were banned, and will try to remember to make this adjustment going forward for future situations.


Thanks @Moderator_1 :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is hidden because I had to go through an extra hurdle to message you :joy::joy::joy: