Why do my jeans ride up?

I changed from english to a western saddle a couple years ago, but do most of my arena riding in breeches. I found if I do a lot of trotting in my jeans, they ride up my legs. Is it from gripping?

Pinching with your knees.

Mine used to do this, and I think it was the pinching as well. I’d pinch with my knees, which would draw my leg up, and then I’d push the leg back down and the jeans would stay. Took a long while to get it to stop happening. And also, riding with longer jeans helped.

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Thanks! That is 3 votes for gripping/pinching. I didn’t notice it before since I wore breeches, but looks like I have my own biofeedback system now…

Another vote for pinching knees. Also get jeans one inseams size longer than normal. I wear 34” inseam but ride in a 36”. Jeans will ride up a little bit regardless and you want a little “stack” to your jeans when you’re just walking around in the barn.

When I buy riding jeans I always get them a size longer than normal. I am like @TheHunterKid90 and wear 32" normally but ride in a 34". Usually the pants leg with end in the middle of my foot instead of at my ankle.