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Why does the forum menu change?

I’m not sure what causes it to, I haven’t made sense of it, why does the forum order in the menu change?


Few days ago

Maybe just another system glitch?
Mods have addressed the Ad Overlaying Reply issue.
Not resolved & {gulp} starting to happen to me today, whereas until then it wasn’t :disappointed:

They have? I missed it apparently

I think the categories in that menu are ordered by which has the most new posts/replies. That changes from day to day.

Or were you asking about some other change?


Janet is spot on–the list orders based on number of new replies. It’s always been that way since this board launched.

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Gotcha, thanks

Well, I don’t think it has been that way since the board LAUNCHED 20 + years ago. But since the most recent major change of the supporting software.


Yes, by “this board” I mean the platform the forum runs on which transitioned a few years ago.

Yes, it’s likely I didn’t notice, I usually go here (below) to navigate

If you now tell me that has always changed order, it will be time for me to soak my head.

Speaking of, I wish Secret Santa would get unpinned so actual threads if activity could pop up in Off Course

go that specific thread move it to Muted, it will disappear

if for some reason you want to see it again just enter a search for the thread, it will appear in your search then you could if desired move it back into view by selecting Normal

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You can unpin. Just go into the forum or the thread and click the little pin icon. It’ll turn upside down to indicate it’s no longer pinned :slight_smile:

(You can’t unpin from the page that lists all the forums, like your screenshot–you have to go into the thread or forum [off course in this example] itself.)

I just figured that out, thanks!
Damn, I’m on a streak today!