Why is the new font so small?

I can barely read it.

Same here. It’s tiny. I can only read for a few minutes and then my eyes give up.

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I was wondering the same. I can’t spend much time on here like before. It hurts my eyes

Maybe because it is on the list of things to ‘fix’ after the board was restored? Don’t know for sure but a possibility for sure.

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I don’t see don’t smaller font than the previous iteration of the board, so it might be helpful to the dev team to share what sort of platform (mobile, computer) and software (OS, browser) you’re using.

You can usually increase the “zoom” level with ctrl+ “+” or through the zoom option in the browser menu, and that might help until it’s addressed in the software?

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Oh my heavens ctrl + ‘+’ worked for me Simkie thank you!! It’s a game changer folks :yes:


I have been zooming it since this started.
Can’t see it so small, is just too blurry.

Once all is back to normal, some programs have settings you can use for font size.
Maybe this will have those also?

I’ll ask about the default font size. Thanks!


it worked! Thanks Oh my heck!


If you click once too many, using “-” next time will reduce it.

That happens on our end, so it will stay as we set it.

If you go to your profile, there is a section for “customizing your style”.

But…it doesn’t work.

But it only seems to work when you change the font when posting.

I do agree the current default font size is smaller than it used to be. Fortunately, Simkie’s workaround is easy and yes, a workaround. :encouragement:

This customizes the style of your profile page. What I see when I click on your username. Not the whole board :slight_smile:

I did report this issue to the developers previously. I’m guessing this is the default font size, so when they get to addressing the cosmetic issues with returning the site to normal, they should hopefully be addressing this issue too.



Does this work ??

At the top of the page there is a box for changing the;

Yeah, on your profile page. :slight_smile:


Navigation bar is up the top.
Content is here.
User panel is on the left with yer name on it.

Here, I’ll show you. Look, I made my profile all sorts of ugly colors.

The navigation bar is activities, subscribed, etc

The content is where you can leave a visitor message and my post history.

The user panel is under my name.

This is what the default settings are. See the difference?


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