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Why watch a Grand Prix live stream?

Question for everyone who likes to tune into Grand Prixs from around the world…

Out of pure curiosity, why do you watch the live stream of some big events? I completely understand what watching can make you a better rider, and I agree with that, I’m just wondering.

I work at two large shows, so maybe I’m just desensitized to watching the big GPs, but I usually don’t want to see any more jumping by the time I’m done work! (I know, how can anyone watch too much show jumping! :eek: )

I just find it curious that so many people tune into the live streams that it occasionally crashes the site! I didn’t realise that they can be that popular.

Is this a real question? Why watch a football game? Why watch a movie? It’s just a different form of entertainment.

I’ve watched plenty of big Grand Prixes in real life too – same as I’ve been to many NFL games – but they’re all different, so why wouldn’t I watch?

I’m really just curious why different people want to watch! Because it’s my work, it can sometimes just seem odd to me that people watch in their time off. My time off means leaving the show grounds, not heading toward it.

I know it seems like its dumb question, and that answer makes perfect sense.

I work in the racing industry. So the days can be 12 to 16 hrs on races days. I can still come home and watch show jumpers or races from other tracks. Quite simply my life is horses, I need nothing else.

I like to watch because I pay close attention to lines chosen speed, angle etc. It just helps me know how to answer my own questions.

Because I love horses and horse shows and show jumping. Even when I spend all day or week grooming at the show ground, I like to go watch some more. Especially from a different venue - horses and riders that I don’t get to see much.

I think show jumping is exciting and I enjoy seeing the different riding styles, horse styles, courses etc.

My time off is not YOUR time off OP.

I don’t work at Spruce and WEF so I am not " ready to leave the show grounds".

But have shown for decades and like to watch…I suspect most of us watching online are not at WEF for 12 weeks and have careers outside the horse industry. You do realize that, don’t you?

I also enjoy checking in and out and not sitting thru 40 rounds.

Because I get to see that absolute STAR Lillie Keenan on her way to the olympics.

I’m really not trying to say it’s a waste of time or anything like that!

I asked because I enjoy hearing why people make time in their schedules to watch the sport. I like hearing that it’s a nice thing to relax to after a long day, or helps someone dream about the day they can be showing in that ring.

I just wanted to get out there and ask about why other people enjoy watching. I love it for my own reasons, and I wanted to start a discussion about why different people around the world enjoy watching. I wasn’t out to offend anyone or act like it was a waste of someone’s time.

Sure, but your tone came across a little holier-than-thou. I work in news, but I don’t question “Gee, why would anyone WANT to read the New York Times or watch CNN?”

I really didn’t mean it like that, honestly. I truly like hearing why everyone enjoys watching, sorry if it came off like I was looking down my nose.

Seriously, I could be parked next to a ring day in and day out and I’m not sure I can say I wouldn’t want to watch a live stream afterwards.

Then again, it’s not my everyday job, so maybe it would be different for me. But it’s not, so I act like some pony crazed kid (and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been a kid!)

Seriously, I could be parked next to a ring day in and day out and I’m not sure I can say I wouldn’t want to watch a live stream afterwards.

I do actually do that on occasion! After work last week I went home and pulled up the million in Thermal. I should have worded my question better, I meant like, I watch sometimes to pay attention to the results, so I can go into the next competition knowing where various riders have placed in past competitions. I love knowing that some people follow certain riders to see how they move up in their career! (Lillie Keenan for example!)

Well, I just came off a 12 hour day at the barn teaching lessons, riding, and painting jumps. I took a super quick shower and I’m now watching the grand prix soo, yeah this is my job, and I still love watching the livestream. I just can’t get enough I guess…

I live in a different state from my trainer and I love to watch him competing in the grand prixs. Simple!

I’m a hunter Princess exclusively now so I also love to watch every hunter thing I can online. Helps me mentally.

I can’t leave the show fast enough at the end of the work day, yet I pull up the live feed when I can as well. Why? Better view, better commentary, and best of all, no crowds. I also love to watch some of the other stuff on USEF Network - the driving yesterday from Live Oak was fantastic! I especially love to watch the stuff from Europe - the horses and riders we just don’t get to see here. And more importantly for me, the stallions and bloodlines that are out there in the rest of the world. There are times when I am just over it and don’t even want to see a horse, but they are few and far between.

I admit, if the Ocala Million wasn’t at 6pm, I might actually drive up there on my one day off to watch, but not with that late start!

I live in the plains of eastern Colorado. Not much opportunity to watch top class show jumping nearby. I grew up showing the circuit and miss it a lot. I LOVE the sport and everything that goes along with it. I was THRILLED when they started airing live streams from the big shows :smiley:

Oh, I LOVE live streaming. I can’t just go to the local show grounds near me and watch international jumpers do a course. On the most part, Beezie, Rodrigo, Ian, etc., are not coming to Middle Tennessee to show. Like someone else said, why watch a football game, hockey, etc.? Not many of us can tour the world watching these shows, so streaming is awesome.

I thank ALL those involved with getting these shows online!


I admit, if the Ocala Million wasn’t at 6pm, I might actually drive up there on my one day off to watch, but not with that late start![/QUOTE]

I have the opposite problem – why is it starting so early?! I don’t even leave my office until 6:30-7. :frowning:

You know, 6pm is a bad start time this time of year. Half the horses are going in waning sunlight & shadows and the other half under lights… Hmmm…