Why would Heiro help laminitis?

I can see many testimonies of people claiming Heiro helped their laminitic horse. I’m looking at the ingredient list, and I’m baffled at how it would.

Ingredients: Vitamin E, Magnesium, Fenugreek, ocean kelp, blue-green spirulina algae, cinnamon, ginger, willow, peppermint, milk thistle, alfalfa.

My horse is already on magnesium and spirulina and it didn’t prevent him from getting laminitis. How on earth could this cure it? Willow has a bit of a pain reliever in it. And ginger is anti-inflammatory. But I juice ginger and drink it, and my back still hurts. There’s just nothing else magical in Heiro.

I can see from reading the various testimonies that some were written only a few days after purchasing the product, so they don’t know if it is really going to help or not. They’re just excited to have it and like the smell or whatever.

But a few testimonies include bloodwork, showing the horse going from sky-high glucose and insulin to normal. How is that possible?

Because it offers a complete money-back guarantee, I think I’m going to try it and save my receipt. But I just don’t get it.

ETA: We’re already on the ECIR program. I expect any “miracles” to come from hard work. But I can’t help but hope for some magical help.

There is pretty good science supporting magnesium, chromium maybe cinnamon, in decreasing blood levels in IR humans and/or horses. If the horse is IR and the IR is making it laminitic, yes this should help. It is not a magic cure all or a replacement for meds if needed.

I use remission by animed- much cheaper.


Cinnamon is something the IR group has advocated for quite a while. I don’t recall what it does though, probably lowers

blood sugar.

The first time I used it, within 3-4 days the horse was obviously much more comfortable, walking around easier and just

overall much better. The second time I needed it the results weren’t as quick or obvious but I still believed it helped.

Just so you know the 30 day supply is really a 26 day supply, maybe due to settling, IDk.

I suspect most of the folks writing testimonials also adjusted the horses’ diet, as well.


There’s no Chromium in Heiro, and ECIR doesn’t recommend Chromium. (I’m not saying that means it doesn’t do any good.)

ECIR does not recommend cinnamon. Perhaps they did once.

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I don’t know. There are a lot of testimonies about folks putting their horses out to pasture with Heiro. I have little to no hope of doing that.

I’m going to do blood work before and after my Heiro trial. It won’t sort out the effects of the diet, but it will sort out the effects of the diet (if any) so far.

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Links and citations please?


If you are changing the diet, the bloodwork won’t tell you anything about the Heiro. To isolate the effects of a variable, you have to only change one thing. Putting an IR horse “out to pasture” is just asking for trouble and irresponsible, IMHO, unless the horse is muzzled. FWIW, there is an IR horse at my place that has been on Quiessence for years and has foundered twice.

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I already changed his diet, two months ago when we had a laminitis incident. I have bloodwork from two months ago. I’m going to repeat the bloodwork and do a six-week trial of magic dust. (LOL)

I will definitely not be putting him out to pasture during this trial.

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Interesting that you ask this. I did a trial of HEIRO, also very skeptical. The cost is insane (especially when your farm is full of walking high maintenance cases of various things). I requested a sample as my pony is super picky. They sent a small jar which I think was a month supply? Anywho, he did seem better but I adjusted some other things at the same time, so…
I was worried about when it ran dry. But he didn’t crash. But I was ready with Remission, cinnamon, and vit e capsules. That seems to be working just fine, and saving me some $$$.

Can anyone advise to the palatability of Remission for picky eaters? Thx.

I’m the original poster, and I posted this two years ago, so let me give you an update.

I’ve been following the ECIR protocol for my fat, laminitic, IR, EMS horse. I also put in a track and bought two automatic feeders, one on opposite ends of the track, so he walks back and forth a lot and eats small frequent meals. He’s lost a ton of weight and is sound.

I don’t feed Heiro or Remission. Neither is recommended by ECIR, and they know how to manage laminitis.

Some before and after pictures here and here and here and here.


You’ve got to be proud of your effort - he look so good. How much weight do you estimate he’s lost? Can we see your track? Odin is CUTE - is he as much fun as he looks?

Agreed-adorable. Thank you.

Oh, yes, I’m happy to share pictures of my track!

Oden has lost about 8 inches from his girth.

And, yes, they are both fun, dear boys.

Thank you! That is amazing - so he doesn’t challenge that little white tape to get to the grass??? 8 inches is incredible.

The fence is electric, and it’s two strands. It’s hard to see the second strand of wire.

It is remarkably effective, but it’s an ongoing project keeping order. They test it all the time to see if it’s still working. It’s so hard for them to not be able to eat that grass. But it’s necessary.