Wide Brim Helmet - best ventilation: OneK vs Tipperary?

I am trying to decide on a schooling helmet that will be replacing a 5 year old GPA First Lady, and I need something affordable (no more than ~$350), wide brim (I have a very fat round face lol) and with amazing ventilation like the GPA. I have a Samshield Miss Shield that is great, but HOT HOT. Not nearly enough air for me here in Houston summers.

I’ve found the Tipperary Windsor Wide Brim, Tipperary Royal Wide Brim, and OneK Avance Wide Brim… does anyone have any experience with any of these that can say whether they are great with ventilation, or can compare to a First Lady or Miss Shield??


I have the OneK Avance Wide Brim and like it a lot. To me it seems well-ventilated (granted, I’m in the northeast) and I definitely think it’s flattering (I, too, have a fat round face!). I can’t compare to any of the others you mentioned - the only one of those I’ve tried is the Miss Shield but Samshields just don’t fit my giant head right.