Wide gullet/channel saddles

Ok so it’s pretty clear that my saddle is not fitting my wide withered OTTB, to the point that she has micro spasms in the withers and has been prescribed Robaxin.

Pro saddle fitter and vet agree that I need a wide gullet/channel. I currently am riding in a prestige, and I’m ordering demos of other prestige saddles to try. My tree is a good fit, but the gullet is too narrow.

The other saddles suggested as good fits are all AP OR GP type saddles (Albion/ Black Country/etc). I’m freaking out. I need a good saddle that I can hopefully find used), that is going to give me a decent shot at position and won’t look embarrassing at shows…bonus if it’s flocked with wool not foam (how did I not even realize that was a thing??).


The widest channel I’ve ever seen on a saddle was on a Schleese Eagle. I think all Schleese saddles have decent sized channels, including the older models. I know they stress proper gullet channel in looking at fit, so I’d take a look at their website. There are a few decently priced used Eagles on eBay. Good luck!

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It’s quite possible that you need a wide enough gullet channel and consequently, enough panel depth to support the width. Did your fitter bring out other saddles or was your horse too sore to ride and try?

She was definitely too sore, but the only saddles she had that she thought would work were AP or GP. Not super helpful, since I ride the pre-adult hunters. She looked at everything in the barn (Bevals, Antares, Voltaire, Tad Coffin, HDR, CWD, and Hermes). Everything had a similar sized channel -or more narrow-to what I have.

Im currently left with an Albion so that I can keep her in work until I can get something else, but just hopeful someone on here has had a similar issue. I found back threads on this topic, but they were all in other disciplines.

Black country makes a special curved tree for wide horses(can’t remember what it’s called), but being a UK brand I find they have more options to fit a lot of their cobs and offer a few more options.

Albion and Black Country both have jump saddles. You might also try Harry Dabbs, and I’ve got several marked down for clearance right now :wink: https://thesaddletree.com/saddle-fitting-science-for-thoroughbreds/

Thanks! The Henry Dabbs actually look like they may have a few viable options, but the Black Country jumping saddles still won’t work. Unfortunately in the HJ, I also need to look the part, and an AP or GP saddle just don’t give me the range of motion to jump around at 2’6".

Obviously I’m aware that my comfort is less important than her comfort, but there HAS to be a solution that meets both of our needs… RIGHT? ((Praying))

I recently tried a Passier – Avior M/W cutback – and the gullet/channel was really wide. Even my saddle fitter was surprised by how wide it was. Might be worth a look. Plus the panels are dropped a bit to accomodate bulky/high withers.

Ideal Saddlery in England makes saddles with wide gullets and broad panels. They are very reasonably priced, and can be customized. They have a number of jumping saddles. Look them up on the internet