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Wide/Millbrook Leathers in the Hunter Ring?

I’ve been thinking of buying a pair of Millbrook leathers, however, I’m wondering if they would be allowed in the hunter ring. According to USEF rules, this is all I can find on stirrup leathers:

  1. Any rider competing and or riding anywhere on the competition grounds with their stirrup, stirrup leather, or foot tied and/or secured in any manner, will automatically be eliminated from the entire competition. The steward will note the trainer name(s) on the stewards report and further disciplinary actions may be taken by the Federation

Do you think the Millbrook leathers’ thickness be considered having your foot “secured”?

Thanks in advance!!

No that wouldnt be considered tied.

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I have seen some use them at shows and have no issues. However, I recommend against buying Millbrooks.

They stretch very easily and quickly (and they just. don’t. stop). I was literally buckling my stirrups a whole every other ride until the stirrups got too long, the tail was past my saddle pad). They also rub a calfskin/buffalo saddle wrong.

I did try the Devoucoux Jumping leathers (not the Saumur or “traditional” leathers, but the wide jumping leathers). Those have revolutionized my stirrup leather perspective. If you are able to afford them (I got mine used, though they are hard to find used), then I would highly recommend it. CWD’s leathers are almost exactly the same. The Antares wide leathers are a bit odd, they look like they would be too stiff for a calfskin/buffalo saddle, but I haven’t tried one.

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Great insight - thank you so much!!

I have not had these issues with the Millbrooks. I have found them to have minimal stretch, and I have not found them to rub the saddle flap. I find the wider leather to be very stabilizing. They would not be noticeable for the hunter ring. To be fair, I have not used any other brands of wide leathers so I cannot compare.


I purchased my millbrook leathers back in February and they’ve had what I consider minimal-moderate usage (from Feb until May I was riding 2-3x a week and about 2-3 horses each time, riding got put on hold from May until September, and now it’s getting used 2x a week, 2 horses each time so approximately 1-2 hours of usage 2x a week)

I’ve had to go up to about 2 holes because of stretching. Now they’ve stopped stretching but occasionally will have to swap sides so they even out in length.

I made the mistake of adhering to their size chart and my purchased stirrups turned out to be too long for me (boo…didn’t take into account that I have short legs + long torso)…so if anyone has the 49" and need a 53" length let me know! :smiley: