Wide Twist Saddles?

I’m looking to purchase a new saddle. I need a wide twist saddle with shorter flaps due to my height (5’1"). I’ve tried, and liked Bates a lot, but the flaps have been too long on the ones I’ve tried, although the seat itself is perfect. The soft and deep seat of the Bates is what I’m looking for. I have a custom Bio-Mex Stubben that was worked well in terms of length and seat size, but the actual seat sits me too far forward, not deep enough, and is too stiff for my liking. I need a 16.5, with short flaps.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, that’d be great. Thanks!

Try Equipe or Amerigo - they tend to have shorter flaps in general. I’m also 5’1", and was actually ok in a regular flap Equipe (though short would have been best).

Thank you!