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Wild On Ice



Oh my gosh…I wonder what happened.:cry:

another article linked in the original, states “He had a fracture in his hind leg and it was determined he couldn’t be saved.”

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Thank you- I didn’t even notice that. Not enough coffee yet.

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I read somewhere it was a broken hock. Nothing you can do for that I don’t think.
So sorry for his connections, who are grieving.
Fie on those who said his people did not try to save him because he was a gelding.

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Condolences to his connections.

I wonder sometimes what the “didn’t want to try, wanted the money instead” crowd thinks the phone calls sound like with the insurance company. “Hello, insurance company, this horse isn’t that badly hurt and just needs some time and could recover, but I don’t want to bother and want the money instead.” “Of course, sir. Your check for his full value will be in the mail today.” Have they ever dealt with an insurance company?


And how does anyone not associated with the connections even know if the horse was insured? Smaller scale owners don’t always insure, and Wild On Ice was a gelding with a decent but modest record to date.
It doesn’t mean they loved him any less or didn’t care about his wellbeing.