Will Sled Ruin My Footing?

I’m in discussions about hosting a Clydesdale hitch at my farm for a week. They exercise the horses with a training sled and I don’t know enough about driving equipment to know if that’ll work on my footing. I’ve got Travel Right footing (a GGT/rubber/sand/petroleum product) that wants to be on the firm and sticky side of things – but it’s possible to get it over-deep with aggressive drag settings.

Any thoughts on whether their equipment will destroy my footing? Or whether my footing will be unsafe for their horses?

No real idea on your footing. But I would expect, depending on the sled design, you will either end up with a widely compacted area or compaction under the runners themselves. Some sleds have runners, some don’t. I’d expect the latter though in this case. The sled will not dig in appreciably, but it will compact it. Though, I could see a lot of work causing issues in the footing at the turns. Now those hooves like shovels… :slight_smile:
You will have to redrag the ring though in any case.
That is my guess anyway, based on how nicely sleds/stoneboats tend to flatten and compact things.
Enjoy them!


I love GGT footing!! I do a lot of hunter shows on it in Ontario and its so nice.

I’m no expert by any means though but when we show CDE’s at Bromont, they have GGT footing and they are quite particular on where we drive. They only want to keep us in limited rings as I do believe carriages can be tough on the footing. The footing is nice for driving in though, so it wouldn’t be a problem in that manner…

I’m not sure about sleds though. If its only for a short time perhaps it wont be too big of a deal? I do think it will be hard on your footing though, in my opinion.


If they are shod in the Scotched shoes they may do more damage than the sled.
Though, to be fair, I go annually to watch the 8H hitches at the IN State Fair and the sand footing does not seem to get damaged by as many as 6 hitches in at a time.
IIWM, I’d contact the GGT people & ask, because nothing is quite as impressive (or fun to watch) as a hitch - or even a team - of Drafts.

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I am always impressed by what the feet on my two Shires do or don’t do. Both are barefoot with a natural foot. They don’t tend to make the same pokey holes in soft ground as a small pony say, which makes sense given the weight distribution. Though when they do sink, they sink! But if you put them on loose sand or stone dust they can quickly paw their way down, far more efficiently than a regular sized foot. They also distribute the stone dust/sand far more, just by walking.

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:clap:For the natural foot on your Shires!
& Now I need pics :heart_eyes:
Please :pray:

These from the Topeka(IN) auction 3yrs ago:

The grey is not as chubby now, he was out of work for most of the summer as it was too hot! The bay had just turned two in that video.

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