Will the kerfuffle with WEC and HITS affect eventing in FL this winter?


I’m following (from a distance, merely as a spectator) the kerfuffle going on with USEF licensing of competitions in Florida this winter and the mileage rule that’s playing out between the two competing venues. It looks to me (again, as a popcorn-munching spectator here on COTH) that it affects the H/J (or at least that’s where it seems to be getting discussion.)

Will this affect eventing competition in that same area during that same timeframe?

On the surface, it seems like it shouldn’t affect anything due to the intrinsic difference in format of the competitions (a few days vs. weeks) but what about schooling rounds, etc?

Thoughts, oh wise ones?

I’m really curious if there are any plans for WEF to do the eventing showcase. I expect no, if they can’t have spectators, but I guess we’ll see.