Wind Puffs?

So my mare has wind puffs in her back legs and I’m planning on doing some hunters with her soon. She was formerly a 1.20 - 1.50m jumper, and I’m assuming that’s how she got them. She’s the first horse I’ve had with them, so do judges dock points for them and how would you go about treating them? I was planning on using ice boots, but Ive seen multiple topical creams and such, so what would you recommend? (Not sure if this is important, but I ride her 3ish times a week (2 flat, one jump) and she gets turn out)

Ask your vet, that’s your best bet.
Windpuffs are usually not so concerning but it is important to have a clear idea of what is going there.

Once they’re there for some times and cold, windpuffs don’t go away as the skin as stretched. What you now want is to keep them the same/not make them worse.

You should indeed ice and bandage her legs when you do harder work and jump.

Make sure your mare is ready to compete and is used to the workload you are about to ask from her.
You wouldn’t want to reinjure your mare.

You won’t be docked points unless you show her in the model or conformation division. Other hunter divisions may jog for soundness but not judge on conformation.

Agree with above. They’re generally a cosmetic blemish if there’s no underlying issue.

I will go counter to alibi_18. do NOT ice. It is now becoming much better understood that icing has little to no effect on injury and, as a matter of the science, can actually hinder healing and performance. Icing after normal work can prevent the needed biologic and physiologic responses needed to heal tissue. I posted some of the published science developed in the sports medicine world over the past few years on the Eventing forum.

Given that they are only cosmetic, I am with alibi_18 on making sure your horse is conditioned sufficiently to handle the expected workload.

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Do you have any links? Genuinely curious about this!