Wingberry Farms, King Ontario - Any thoughts?


I am relatively new to the Toronto (Canada) area and am searching for the right place to move my hunter mare. I have left her back at my old home for a while while I get settled in, but want to move her to start getting ready for the summer show season. I show her on the β€œA” circuit and have been looking for A level barns immediately north of Toronto in King City, close to the 400. She does double duty in the jumpers from time to time, I like to ring hop :smiley:

Wingberry Farms looks quite nice. Does anyone have any experience there? How is the care and turnout? What is their trainer like? Really just looking for any thoughts about the place. It is really hard moving to a new area where you don’t know the reputation of the barns and trainers :frowning:

Of course, if anyone has any other recommendations I welcome that too. Please feel free to PM me if you want to share your thoughts privately.

Sent you a PM with a run-down of local barns. :slight_smile:

I received many spin-off PMs, and all have now been answered. Please feel free to reply with additional questions!