Wintec Webbers

Hi there,

I have the Compositi Premium stirrup irons and would like to use the Wintec webbers to reduce bulk under my leg, but was wondering if they would fit through the eye hole in the stirrups. Had tried a different T-buckle stirrup leather and it was too thick.

I have both and the leathers fit just fine. For what it’s worth and totally falls under personal preference vs quality or anything, I went back to the regular type leathers. I felt like the webbers had more give and just didn’t like the way they rode.

I have both, the compositi stirrups and the wintec webbers. I don’t remember having problems attaching them together.

Thanks so much! I was worried that the T-bar buckle would be too big to fit these stirrups. I gather you found them too stretchy.

Something like that! Most noticeable at the posting trot. I repurposed them into a neck strap 😁