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Winter Schooling Show Outfits

I know there’s a hunter/jumper trend thread going around, but I’m specifically interested in what’s being worn at the winter schooling shows in your area! Feel free to post pictures! I haven’t done a winter schooling show in awhile and I don’t want to look either overdressed or sloppy.

I think this is largely dependent on the show and the habits of its particular clientele. I would ask someone local, who is familiar with the show series, for their ideas. If the majority of attendees will likely be in coats, I would wear one. If not, I would be dressed no less formally then I would for a good clinic. Trim-fitting sweater over shirt, breeches, tall boots (or reasonable half chap facsimile), hair neatly up and in a hairnet. Clean, good fitting, and workmanlike – – both with regard to attire and tack. My horse would be as clean as my winter stabling conditions allowed, neatly trimmed, with a recently pulled mane.