Winter tan knee patch breech

I’m looking for:

  1. winter weight (eg fleece lined)
  2. beige/tan
  3. knee patch, silicone preferred
  4. ideally, quality show breeches.

I can find full seats and I can find navy knee patch or other color for schooling. Kerrits have some tan. They are ok but not great. Irideon has one and they are baggy. I was hoping Ego7, equiline, Struck, etc would have something but coming up empty.

Any ideas? Happy to buy overseas if needed.


I have the Kerrits knee patch winter breeches and really like them. Have shown in them.


Thank you! It is so hard to find fleece britches with gasp a zipper.

I have these for foxhunting and they are perfect.

Pikeur used to have a winter version of their Ciara knee patch breech, they were excellent

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I love the Kerrits pull on fleece breeches

Dover made one last year and although the colors sold out, the tan didn’t sell well so they aren’t planning to repeat them. Kerrits would be my next choice.

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I have black Noble ones that are pretty similar to a regular breech and not some weird barn pyjamas. I know I saw a tan pair. But… don’t think they make any of them anymore. Le sigh. But if you come across some they might work for you.

I lost that battle. I just bought a size larger for winter and wear long underwear under them. If you get the UA 4.0, they don’t affect your boots like so many winter breeches do.

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I’m a bit mystified at the difference between knee patch and full seat. The DQ side of my riding life can pull together some beautiful full seat winter breeches (Pikeur being the main brand) but knee patch they just aren’t doing right now and definitely not in tan. Kerrits and Irideon I’ve ordered and sent back, unfortunately just weird fit. Definitely #baggypyjamasproblems. I found a few in the UK that are supposedly thermo and water resistant, so going to order those. Will report back…and buy some back up UA.