Wired invisible fence questions

So we do have a chain link fence that my dog has figured out how to push through it and escape. Last year my husband put down rebar and wired it to the fence, so she could not push out the wire and get out. Now she is breaking the wire and still escaping. We are looking into adding a wire invisible fence so she does not test the fence to keep her inside of it. My question is do we need to be under ground it or can we just thread it though the fence?

I installed a PetSafe system quite a few years ago and ran it along the bottom board of our fence after suffering through not being able to find a couple of breaks in buried sections. Worked great. We have an Invisible Fence brand now in our current house the former owner installed. Works well but doesn’t seem all that for the expense of the service fees for a break.

You can thread it through the fence. I did that around my post and rail fencing to keep the dogs out of the horse’s paddocks.

I think that because it’s chain link that you’ll be threading through (which is a great idea), you may have to upgrade to a better quality wire to avoid interference. Call the company. They’re usually helpful with this kind of stuff.

We bury the wire under gates but run it through an old piece of hose to protect it. Still works well. We cut the hose long enough to run approximately a foot up out of the ground on the gate post on each side with the end bent back on itself (like a tight candy cane) to keep it from filling with water, and then attach it to the post. We have tried weaving the wire through the 2"x3" woven fencing we used, but prefer using zipties because when you have to replace something it’s much easier. And it works! We had to upgrade to the “difficult dog” 9 volt battery collar for our less than 20 lb terriers because they would just blow through the lesser collars. They have great respect for them now, and will back up when they just hear the beeping…or anything that sounds like it.