With a daily wormer for a weanling, OK to give Ivermectin too?

I know that daily wormers are not ideal, but the breeder started my 6 month old colt on the Strongid daily a few weeks before he came to us. I had heard that the daily is beneficial for weanlings from about 6-12 months of age, however you’re supposed to give Ivermectin/Praziquantal before starting the daily. The breeder didn’t do this. Is it ok to give it to him after he’s been on the daily for a few weeks? Eventually we’ll be doing just FECs and worming accordingly. Any thoughts are much appreciated, this is my first baby and I know these next several months are crucial.

Daily wormers are a bad idea, but a really bad idea for a foal. They need to be double dosed by weight with an appropriate dewormer every four weeks. I would stop the daily immediately.

What is the reason for daily worming? Just a genuine question as we do not use any wormer on a daily basis here in Ireland, the closest we get is a 5 day dose of “Panacur”(a broad spectrum anthelmintic)

Eventually we’ll be doing just FECs and worming accordingly.

Do this now.

Yep, DWs are a bad idea in general, and a really bad idea for foals.

Foals don’t have immunity do parasites. They take a few years to build it for the things they’re going to build it for. A DW prevents a lot of that, when it’s working well.

Foals should be dewormed monthly from age 6-8 weeks, well into their 2yo year, with FECs starting around 8 months or so and being done every 6-ish months, when the adults have one, to make sure things are going well.

Rather than type it all in again, just go read this

You have to rotate chemicals because of resistance issues. Ivermectin is still effective against strongyles, but declining for ascarids. Fenbendazole and pyrantel pamoate - in double doses - are effective against ascarids, but have a high, long-term, wide-spread resistance. You have to rotate between ivermectin, and either of the other 2 (in double doses only, no singles) to effectively kill everything.

WISH - the DW prevents juveniles from maturing to the point of causing damage, including before they can damage organs. Well, that’s what it does when there isn’t a resistance issue, which is growing :frowning:

Well we just finished a round of daily with my weanling. He was an orphan, animal control seizure with a parasite count off the charts. I work for my vet, so have access to run a FEC anytime. Anyway, we decided to deworm my little guy with Safeguard, started the daily Strongid 2 days later. Did a second does of Safeguard 2 weeks after the first. Completed a full month of Strongid, then did an FEC and we brought the number down by 1000epg, so he was at a level we felt safe to give Ivermectin. He will have Ivermectin monthly twice more, and we will repeat the FEC in December.

Her theory was that sometimes these kids with high loads do better with a slow, gradual, steady kill to reduce the numbers to where a regular paste dewormer is safe and effective.

In your case, absolutely get a FEC and see where this little guy is before you give him anything.

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