Wither Relief Pad?

So I just got a new mare and she had the whole summer off. She has no topline and when I’m riding I feel like I’m sitting really hard on her back/withers, if that makes sense. Any suggestions on what to put under her saddle while we work on building her muscle back up? I was thinking a wither relief pad but am not actually too sure what those even do. My saddle is a medium tree and right now I’ve just got a fleece pad underneath.

Have you tried a Mattes pad? I used one under my mare’s saddle while she was rehabbing from colic surgery. It cushioned everything, filled in some of the saddle space until the muscles came back.

No, I haven’t tried anything yet. Trying to get the best possible answer before I spend money on anything. I want to get it right and for her to be comfortable but I also have a budget.

If you are at a boarding barn, I’d ask around to see what others have that you could try first. I understand the budget issue, so trying things to see if a particular solution is helpful would help save money in the end.
Good luck…

Mattes makes a really fine correction pad, and I often recommend using them when a client has a horse whose back is “in transition.” That said, it might be a good idea to have a fitter come out and check things to make sure shimming is going to correct the issue.