Won Pads?

So I bought a new saddle that fits my 3.5yo perfect except it’s just a bit wide for him right now. But he is in a gangly growing phase and once he fills out I think it will be perfect. Anyways, in the meantime I need a thicker pad to take up space but that won’t cause the saddle to roll. I have had several recommendations for Won Pads for this purpose and they seem to have great reviews and are very affordable. They just look so simple though for some reason I can’t imagine them being that great? Idk I’d like to hear some real life experiences. Or other suggestions that would fit the bill. I have a Matrix pad that I use on my other horse but it’s too thin for this job and I am returning my CSI because even the 32” is not long enough for my saddle

There are several lifelong western riders on here who will hopefully share their tips. In the meantime, here’s mine:

Those Won pads are very nice. We have some in the barn for various horses. But while they are made to prevent slippage and provide general cushioning, they aren’t necessarily designed to “take up space” as you say for a saddle that’s currently a bit wide for your young horse.

Instead, you might want to look at a shimmable pad. Toklat, for example, makes a nice one with a fleece underside. It comes with quality foam inside that conforms to your horse, but several shim inserts are also included. You can add or remove them as needed as your horse continues to mature.

I do understand your issue. My current young horse started with a Blue Ribbon standard sized tree. In less than a year he outgrew that and now goes in a Miguel’s saddle with full QH-sized tree. Fortunately I can still use the Blue Ribbon saddle on the babies!

I do have a shimmable matrix pad but it wasn’t quite thick enough, especially since the foam compresses some. I was thinking with the Won pad 1” of felt plus 1/8” of neoprene would be thick and dense enough to fill in the space.

Won pads don’t slip because of the lining against the horse. I like them on my no withers mare.

We have a couple of these and they are non slip and our horses find them very comfortable.

My daughter uses her’s year round but I don’t since my 2 horses tend to get round and wider with access to grass :grimacing:

I use a thinner pad at that time but if you need to make up for the saddle being a little wide this fits the bill.


A Won pad won’t “take up space.”
In fact, a lot of people buying them because they’re thin and low profile and are great for using at a show under a show pad.
With that said, I can almost guarantee your saddle will NOT roll or slide when you use it with a won pad. I swear, it’s like they are glued in place.

If you’re looking for a pad to fill in for an otherwise perfect saddle fit, a shimmable 5 star pad would do the job but as far as I know they are wool underside not non slip but if your saddle is shimmed properly, it isn’t likely to slide.

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I don’t know what kind of saddle you bought or what kind of riding you’re doing, but if I find if a saddle is too big it’ll sit down low on the horse but not roll around.

Anyhow, if a saddle sits too low because it’s wide but generally fits the shape of the horse I’ll throw a thick wool navajo over the top of my pad. I have several thickness of pads and several blankets, on a decent saddle, I can get by with a different pad and blanket combo without soring a horse. I have never felt the need to use synthetic pads to make a saddle “stick”.

In the past, I have used my 5 Star pads with a shim from Classic Equine. If the saddle was a decent fit, except for the front being just a little bit wide.

Now if the entire tree is too wide for your horse the whole length … then that might be a different story.

So maybe you can clarify exactly what is “too wide” for the moment. Is it more the front of the saddle? Or more?