Woolback/Coolback pads

Posting here because I think these pads are maybe more well known/used by endurance and trail riding people.

I left my saddle pad and half pad at my lesson yesterday and probably won’t be able to pick them up until next week’s lesson… :sadsmile: In the meantime my BO was nice enough to dig me out an old Toklat saddle pad. I kind of liked it, and thought that my mare was less sweaty under the saddle vs under the girth with it on. Are these pads worth their price? And what about using a half pad with the fitted version? My mare needs a little lift in the front right now.

I’ve used cool back & wool back pads for about 20 years. First endurance riding, now on the trail both with western and my dressage saddle. I find the wool back to be a little less slick if you have a barrel shaped horse. Both wear like iron. I do prefer the wool since it is a natural material and I think it wicks and cools better. The new Matrix contoured wool back half pad is super nice.

I have a couple of cool back pads that are about 15 years old and are still in great shape. They do wear like iron and the more you wash them the better they protect. I didn’t think they were still being made but I saw one at Coastal farm supply this last weekend. I know nothing about the half pad though.

I had a cool back. It washed beautifully and looked great. My horse hated it, but she is like the little princess with the pea under the mattress.

I traded it for a woolback, and she likes if fine.

They are both nice pads.

I have a Coolback pad that I picked up used at a tack sale about two years ago.


I use mine for trail riding. Its a “barrel racer” shape - but I use it under my jumping saddle. Its also a bit thicker than the “english” pads, as it has the western length fibers.

I don’t use it for arena work, as I feel its a bit bulky under my leg - but love love love it for trail riding. I put a lot of miles on it (30+ a week in the summer), and wash it weekly.

I use mine with a Thinline or Prolite pad.

Here it is

Do you think it would be too thick to use under a saddle that I have to use a front lift pad under? Saddle is a touch too wide right now, but mare is also starting to gain muscle so I didn’t want to go with something that fit snuggly right this moment.

They make shimmable ones - check out http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/searchresults.html?search=products&searchtext=woolback&x=27&y=9 (I hope this link works - it was a search result for woolback pads).

or http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/searchresults.html?search=products&searchtext=coolback&x=0&y=0

I have three - one dressage-shaped one, and two barrel-shaped ones (one with shims and one without). They hold up well and aren’t too thick. The dressage one I use with my treeless saddle with a Thinline pad and a couple shims in the saddle and it feels fine. Of course you can only know if you try, but I’d order from Riding Warehouse in a second - good return policy, good service, lots to choose from.

And they just had a sale too! Gosh darn it, haha!

I’m not finding a shim-able one, just a pack saddle one with inserts? Your links just brought up the main page.

ETA: I found them, I didn’t know that the UltraCell ones are shim-able.

I may have one of the very first Toklat Woolback pads made. I can’t say it’s been in constant use all that time, but I bought it 30 years ago and it’s still useful and presentable. I have a Coolback one nearly that old too, and ditto, though I think if you press me on it, I prefer the wool one. They are slightly different styles so I’m not sure if what I prefer is the style or the material.

I have a wool back with pockets for trail riding and Maresy and I love it!!!

I just bought a package deal with two of the toklat woolback pads, can’t wait to try them

I wanted to report that I did end up getting a Toklat Matrix Coolback half pad. I haven’t used it directly against her, but I do really like the pad. I would still love to get one of their full fitted pads, but don’t really have a use for one right now.

Reading about these on the tolkat site, they say the coolback (maybe also the woolback? I don’t remember) are ‘nonslip’. Do people find this to be true?

My boy is a mutton withered sphere it seems, and while a neoprene nonslip pad works for the arena and shorter rides, I would like to find something more comfortable for longer periods of time and undulating terrain when we go out this summer.


They are not as grippy as the neoprene ones and the Woolback definitely slips less that the Coolbacks. I use a neoprene liner in the winter to keep my pads clean. But in the summer I use the Woolback directly so he doesn’t over heat and is more comfortable for longer rides.

yeah, pads can only help in comfortability for longer run but it’s slippery!

I have one of the thick ones for my Duett saddle and both my mare and I love it. The only issue is I must use a mounting block to get on when using it because it its so thick and kinda slick. I don’t know if the regular ones are so slick.

I bought it used but I think they are very worth the cost.