Working Student/barn hand positions in Lexington KY??

I currently live in North Carolina, but I plan on attending University of Kentucky next fall. I am aware that Lexington is the heart of horse country, but I am unfamiliar with the barns of the area. I am bringing my 4 year old TB mare with me to college, so I am looking for a working student/ barn job to afford her upkeep :smiley:
I consider myself a pretty experienced rider, worked with many greens, showed up to 3’3, mostly in the H/J. However, I am transitioning into eventing with my mare. I’d love to find a working student position with an eventing trainer, but I am open to H/J. My skills include picking stalls one handed with my eyes closed and carrying 20 grain buckets at once :lol::lol::lol:

Any names/references/2 cents would be much much appreciated!!!

Try Jenn O’Neill at Antebellum Farm, Megan Moore at Team CEO, Allie Knowles at Alexandra Knowles Eventing, and Cathy Wieschhoff at CW Event Team.