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Working Student- Franklin TN

I recently moved down to Franklin and I was wondering if anyone knew of any barns that were looking for a working student. I have evented up to Prelim and I have been riding since I was about 5. I have ridden and worked under my trainer in Lexington, Ky where I’m from since I was 13. I would be willing to work for board, lessons, or pay. I am in school and I live in downtown Franklin. Please get back to me I would love to here from you! :slight_smile:

I’m 10 minutes (construction willing :rolleyes: ) outside of downtown. I’m not looking for regular help, but I have been looking for someone knowledgable and reliable to horse and/or house sit when I’m out of town. Send me a pm with some of your info if you might be interested…

Try Bill & Lori Hoos, they are excellent. http://www.wil-lobluefarm.com/

[QUOTE=Carried Away;7063651]
Try Bill & Lori Hoos, they are excellent. http://www.wil-lobluefarm.com/[/QUOTE]

I second Bill & Lori Hoos at Wil-Lo Blue. They are really good.

I’m not sure were Franklin is but I know Lara Borson-Knight is in TN. http://www.lloydknight.com/

I’m not sure if she needs help but she would be someone worth talking too.

There are very few eventing barns in the area, although there are getting to be more. Lara Knight is north of town, Bill and Lori Hoos are in Franklin, Chelsey Sawtell in Fairview, Laura Mungioli at Walnut Trace in Nashville, Amy Wise in Columbia, myself in College Grove. There are several dressage and show jumping trainers around, as well.

ETA: Some of these people have websites, but all of these people have facebook.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I would go to a dressage or show jump barn. What is your farm in College Grove?

Southern Promise Farm in College Grove- www.southernpromisefarm.com

I tend to do more into-N riders, as I’m only doing P/T on my horse right now, but I have a great gang and we have a ton of fun and are fairly successful. Come visit any time!

Oh, and dressage people include Tami Crawford, Lynne Evans, Brandi Heideway, Jenni Hogan, Garra Walline.

Show jumpers at hunters court (David wright), and Old Hillsboro Manor (Stephanie Hall), roger vandoren, brownland, Vicky Miller… I’m sure there are several more. Lots of hunter barns around as well.

You will find middle tn to have a different horse-atmosphere than other areas, not worse, not better, just different.

Walnut Trace Farm is searching for two full time working students to work under our 4* rider Jenna Schildmier. Working student position includes a spot for one horse and living facilities if needed. For all of the info please email jwood@walnuttracefarm.com