Working Student Help Thank you!!!!!!!!


Working Student (Europe from Australia) dec 2015 - Eventing

How do I do it

Questions :

What kind of trainer/rider should I look for?

How does one go about contacting such a person?
Of the people that I have researched so far I have not found many websites/contact details

Horses. Even if I did own my own horse in Australia it would not make sense to pay 20-30k to ship hypothetical horse to Europe (goal area). Do I need my own horse… Should I plan on finding one?

Any other information would be great. I have skimmed a few threads about working students but i would like some more info.

Thank you very much for reading. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Context below.

I have competed to Training (USA) level. I have schooled Prelim Cross Country and Stadium.

I live in Australia now and I do not have my own horse.

I do have experience working at barns during summer holidays. I do not keep in contact with my old trainers (2) so i would not be able to “prove” this. I turn 18 in May 2015 so I do have some time to get experience before I finish school which I can have proof of if need be.

****Thank you for the critique of my ‘about me’ I have made some changes now.
To clear two things up: Unpleasant was not relating to the work i did at the barn or the lessons but another aspect which i should not have mentioned.
I should not have used ‘barn slave’ because of the negative connotation. I completely enjoyed the times I was working and I volunteered to work at the barn every summer.

**** Between now and then, I will work on my word choice because I can see the difference in what i meant to say and how my message was interpreted on the other side.

My daughter watched (and competed with) upper level riders and decided whom she liked best from the way they carried themselves at events. She watched the warm-ups, the 10 minute boxes at 3-days, hung around the stabling and made her choice. She then marched up to the “chosen one”, introduced herself and asked for a job. Luckily for all involved, ULR said yes, it was a done deal and a fantastic experience. Our daughter was the first working student the ULR had ever had in her program. Our daughter took her own horse, rode the ULR’s horses and did all horse care alongside the coach. It was great. No money exchanged hands. That being said, it was a whole lot easier for us bc the ULR was not only in the same continent but only 8 hours away from our home. Your plan is further complicated by distance. Is there no one in Australia with whom you could work? I guess your best bet is to figure out where you’d like to be, with whom you’d like to work and send out your (more detailed, full sentences) resume. I’d be clear that you are leaving your horse at home with your super supportive Mum :wink: . You’d like to learn the ins and outs PLUS RIDE. Be clear that you have been the barn rat and prefer a higher level of experience and education. I’d aim for riders a notch or 2 below Fox-Pitt/King/Todd as you may find the lower level competitors are more needy, less expensive. Not much else to offer except good luck!

Thank you! I will definitely add this to my research process.

Why not contact an Australian rider based in Europe?

Look up British Eventing and use the results section to spot some names.

In the UK, as a working student, you probably would be involved in competition weekly. Given the poor prizes in eventing, most riders are fairly skint and would probably welcome competent help.

Also try Yard& it is most commonly used in UK vs other countries!

I think most Trainers would be hesitant to have you come all the way from Australia to states or Europe without feeling very confident it will work out. Australian references would really help you. Can you start working with someone now while you are searching if past references is not an option?

You can bet that many a Ukevent yard is desperate for more staff, yet can’t afford to pay. Just be VERY carefull about choosing the right people where you can actually learn something, instead of just being exploited.

I wouldn’t have your own horse there to start off with , if things are working out well, then buy something in the Uk- the market is dreadful and there are plenty of nice enougb horses around for very little money.

I would watch videos/ read interviews/blogs off riders that you like the look off, and then go from there. Agree that smaller/lesser known yards would be better.

You could place an advert in Horse and Hound magazine also, this publication is very reputable in the UK horse industry as a whole. Good luck!