Working student with a traveling heart

I am looking for a job and an adventure. Specifically a job in the horse industry (groom, exercise rider, working student, slave labor, etc.) and the adventure to gain experience and knowledge. I would love to work in a barn/yard/stable overseas. I love to learn and have a good bit of experience with horses and being a working student. I would be looking to go for a minimum of 6 months. I would love if I was able to bring my small (6 lbs) dog with me but it is not an absolute necessity. Has anyone done something similar to this? Any tips or recommendations? Did you have a job lined up or did you arrive then look for one? What were your experiences like? Any and all advice and or stories would be appreciated!

First thing that jumps to my mind would be a show groom. Check out yard and groom online and find someone that way. Also word of mouth from people in your current area like trainers who go over to Europe may have someone they can recommend. Or even here on Coth we have European members :smiley:

I would plan on leaving dog at home if you are at all wanting to go over seas. Way to many hoops to jump through not to mention most stables won’t allow you to bring a dog with you.

I did something like this. I went off to Australia to have a fun year in the sun and travel. Was planning on doing a bit of work. I did have a friend down there and ended up working at the same farm and ended up spending 5 years there. lol

I would have something lined up before going ( with checking a ton of references!). Even if you only agree to a short trial before continuing on.

Ask away if you want more details or tips for Australia. If you are at interested in thoroughbreds race horses I can totally recommend where i worked. They take a lot of international people every year.


What made you choose Australia? Did your friend line up a job for you? If not, how did you go about checking references?

I chose Australia mainly since I wanted to escape the Canadian winters! lol And to go visit my friend. The job pretty much just happened … it was where she worked so I started my trip there and then after a week or so my bosses asked if I wanted a job. I said yes! lol

As for checking references , I would just ask the employers that you end up talking with if there are some past or current employees you could talk with just to get a feel for the job.


Better check out what type of work permits/Visas you need in other countries. We don’t want to see you on “Locked Up Abroad”. :slight_smile:

I answered an ad in the back of Dressage Today asking for a working student. I was still in High School at the time, so my parents talked to the family that I worked for and the parents of the girl that was currently working for them.

It worked out great for me I went to Germany for six months and the people I worked for were lovely.

I’ve seen some positions in Europe pop up from time to time via friends of mine on Facebook. Wish I could have taken a couple of them myself, but I am no longer in the willing slave labor part of my life. :smiley:

I worked in argentina for 5 months at a jumper farm, got the job via someone on here who knew someone. Had a great time, got to ride a ton, learned a lot, brought home a fantastic horse, and all in all, it was a great experience. PM me if you want to know more :slight_smile:

Unless you plan to be working illegally, you HAVE to have something lined up or you’ll be on the wrong type of visa/entry permit to take work after you arrive!

There is always help exchange! Especially if you can’t get the visa. Lots of horse opportunities if you search ‘horses’:

It may depend on where you are going and how long you stay. I worked in Switzerland for a couple of months (not horse related job, 10 years ago), and I didn’t need a work visa.

Australia has a working holiday visa which allows you to work if you want to just not with the same employer for more than 6 months. And you can get a 2nd year if you do 3 months of agriculture work during your first year.


Yard and Groom.

I don’t know if Gwen still needs someone but she still has it posted on her site. Take note… extreme expectations and work will not be easy.

You could email her. Her contact is on her site. She will be very very blunt with you. Don’t take offense. She means well :slight_smile: I’ve known her for many years (imported a horse and am currently importing some semen).