World Championships Sept 2022

GB Nominations;

Sarah Bullimore with her own, the Kew Jumping Syndicate and Brett Bullimore’s Corouet
Ros Canter with her own and Caroline Moore’s Allstar B, Michele Saul’s Lordships Graffalo and
Kate James and Annie Mackin’s Pencos Crown Jewel.
Kirsty Chabert with John Johnston and Carole Somers’ Classic IV.
laura Collett with her own Karen Bartlett and Keith Scott’s London 52.
William Fox- Pitt with his own and Jennifer Dowling’s Little Fire.
Pippa Funnell with her own and Marek Sebestak’s Majas Hope.
Yasmin Ingham with Janette Chinn and Sue Davies’ Banzai Du Loir.
Kitty King with Diana Bown, Sally Eyre, Samantha Wilson and Sally Lloyd-Baker’s Vendredi Biats.
Piggy March with Trevor Dickens’ Vanir Kamira.
Tom McEwen with Fred and Penny Barker, Jane Coppell and Alison McEwen’s Toledo de Kerser.
Izzy Taylor with her own and Mark Sartori’s Monkeying Around.
Oliver Townend with Karyn Shuter, Angela Hislop and Val Ryan’s Ballaghmor Class and Paul and Diana Ridgeon’s Swallow Springs.

The following 10 reserve combinations have also been selected, listed in alphabetical order:
Kirsty Chabert with her own and the Daisy Chain’s Opposition Loire
Laura Collett with Diana Chappell, Gillian Morris-Adams, Alison and Michael Smedley and Carolyn Taylor’s Dacapo
David Doel with Gillian Jonas’ Galileo Nieuwmoed.
William Fox- Pitt with the Oratorio Syndicate’s Oratorio.
Pippa Funnell with S. H. E. Eventing AB’s Maybach.
Tom Jackson with Patricia Davenport, Milly Simmie and Sarah Webb’s Capels Hollow Drift.
Richard Jones with his own, Sandra Martin and Dinah Saunders’ Alfies Clover.
Selina Milnes with William and Angela Rucker’s Iron.
Tom McEwen with Fred and Penny Barker’s Bob Chaplin and Vicky Bates and David Myers’ CHF Cooliser.

Cool ?

it would be nice to see such a list for the US. I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. Who decides who is going? When will the decision be made? Is Aachen part of the decision or will it be made by then?

US arrangements;

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