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World Cup Press Assignment. What would YOU like to know?

I am so happy I’m in a tizzy. I have a press assignment for the World Cup and should have no issue getting the credentials. I got them last time through someone else, and it was amazing.

So, I’m getting a jump start on what you would really like to know. I’m a dressage person and dressage focused, but am interested in a lot. Give me any ideas. Questions, what you just have to know, whatever. I’m better when i have a goal and a lot to do. :slight_smile:

Last time:

It was a kick to watch the press with the leading riders afterwards and listen to those questions and answers. More interestingly, though, I was able to stop Anky on her way out and talk to her about her possible reining career and whether she was going for it. (She loved it and said it was more about getting a horse who could do it.)

Sitting in the press room with people from all over the world was fascinating. I really get the sense that dressage is only an upper class sport in Europe, unlike here. I mentioned the buffet and the wonders of it, and got a lot of questioning looks.

There was a fascinating breeder’s conference, for one, talking about breeding young, like two year olds. Most people didn’t think it was an issue, but one Dutch breeder found through experience that she felt it loosened the ligaments too much in the tail and back area when they were bred so young and liked to train them first. I was also able to talk to the head of the German Hannovarian whatever on the bus, and he had some great comments to make on where breeding is going and Shutterfly.

SWANA has always had kickass seminars. One time Brair’s breeder told of what he was like as a young stallion, and how they always allow all of their horses to live in herds. His wife explained to me she felt the very cold air in winter was a good way to get parasites out of the system. (Something I have no clue about being in CA.)

I was able to talk to Minne Tilde (who’s horse was pulled because he was hurt) and Jan Brink about their riding on my horse’s sire, and what he was like and what they think is inheritable.

At some cocktail party, it was like a who’s who of everyone. George Morris was hanging around and Edward Gal (who was riding Lingh at the time) was having a good old time walking around being a celebrity. I talked to an owner/ breeder of one of the top jumping stallions (one of the Q ones) and he was explaining to me the stable of stallions they had that they bought. (He didn’t seem to understand how you can just not buy the horses you want because, of course, you’re rich.) I spoke to Hans Miderhound and thought his mare Sunrise was wonderful, but I don’t think he spoke English.

I assume you mean Briar’s breeder?

About what? Yes, Briar’s breeder was the one telling the story about him when he was young.

Find out why the source of the November WC press release titled “Las Vegas Showdown: Valegro and Totilas” by Marty Bauman wasn’t named in his column. Mr. Bauman wrote that that both horses were headed for WC qualifiers and planning on being in Las Vegas.

"Well, it looks like the showdown we have all been dreaming about is finally set to happen! The word is out that two of the greatest horses in dressage history plan to compete at the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final in Las Vegas next April 15-19.

Reigning Olympic and World Champion Charlotte Dujardin of Great Britain will bring Valegro while Germany’s Matthias Alexander Rath will bring Totilas. Both have scheduled the qualifying competitions in which they plan to compete and announced that they are targeting the Final in Las Vegas. It is going to be a historic showdown and there is no better setting for this clash of the titans than the Entertainment Capital of the World!"

Sounds great and people bought tickets based on this information.

We all know that things can happen with horses, at all levels, that make us adjust our plans. But when that article was published, Totilas hadn’t been near a show ring in months (he was withdrawn from WEF due to injury) and was not competing.

I’m just curious as to why the source of the information wasn’t named.

Thank you.

Oh, I don’t think so. I can’t imagine them flying them in. I think a lot of the press releases are BS. They’re trying to be all high falutin’ in this, but that’s not who is mostly coming.

I’ll see what I can do to talk to people and get an answer.

I was talking to Jane Weatherwax at a show on Saturday (she was with clients) and she says seeing Valegro in person is just astounding. She also says there’s an international judge’s conference going on behind C. I’ll see what I can get from that!

My apologies, I don’t understand this:
“They’re trying to be all high falutin’ in this, but that’s not who is mostly coming.”
WHO is not “mostly coming” ?

Us normal people are mostly coming. Marty Bauman is catering to the big money people and assuming that’s who is coming, so they can just go to Europe on a whim to see Totillas or Valegro when they’re there. Most of us coming are normal with expenses to consider people where this is a rare opportunity to see all of these people and horses.

The press release 3/25 does not mention Totilas:
Reigning Reem Acra champion Charlotte Dujardin of Great Britain is set to defend the title she won last year in Lyon, France with her record-setting horse, Valegro. In a rare U.S. appearance, they are hoping to break another world record – a feat they have accomplished three times already. Dujardin and Valegro are the only duo in history to hold all four major dressage titles simultaneously as they are currently the Olympic, World, European and Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ champions. This is their first U.S. appearance since competing in the World Dressage Masters in Wellington, Florida in 2012, and with the superstar horse’s rumored retirement after next year’s Olympic Games, this may well be the last chance for dressage fans to see him compete in the U.S.

Um…just heads up, in case you run into “the head of German Hannovarian whatever” again, it’s HANOVERIAN. :slight_smile:

Have fun and report back !

I can never spell that!! You aren’t coming? I thought you were in LA.

Is there anywhere with the horse and rider combinations for the showcase class on Friday? I saw that Rosemunde is there, but can’t seem to find any other info.


I haven’t seen anything. I’m betting it’s the people who don’t make the top 12, and some bigger “locals” who will come in. It would be great to see Rosamunde!